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Life Will Shake You! Never let It Break You!


“Let’s all get together and give hope to women who have lost hope!

 Whenever life knocks you to the floor, pick yourself back up, dust off your clothes, and keep on going."

 - Bibi Nasabi


Life Will Shake You! Just Never let It Break You!

Remember; that you only grow and progress through struggles, difficulties, and challenges.

Whenever you find yourself questioning how you are going to make it.

Remind yourself of how far you have come.

To grow and advance in life, we must show we will not crumble!

You only get stronger when you do not surrender.

When someone you love leaves, you cannot shake it out of your mind.

You cannot predict or change what is going to happen to you.

All you can control is the moment you are.

And you have a choice of trying to find a way to live in that moment.

Stop Fearing That Everything Is Going To Be Taken Away And Destroyed!

Your life, and those you love, can be changed at any time.

By just finding the courage to let go of the things you cannot change.

Just when you thought the worst was over, life finds a new way to throw you curveballs.

You get lost in thoughts, unable to pay attention to what is happening around you.

You are pissed off and feel resentful.

These are normal emotions to have when you are being hit in the face by the unfairness of life.

And you feel sad and frustrated, but you will bounce back and find reasons to feel hope again.

When you flood your mind with positive thoughts, your life starts to turn around.

Things Can Be Changed, If You Want To Make Changes In Your Life.

If you want to make it in this world, stand up and seek the circumstances you wish to.

And if you cannot find them, then create them.

Over thinking makes you not get anything done.

Losing a relationship throws you into a kind of withdrawal, and it makes it so difficult to function.

Do not let your emotions and thoughts take over!

Whenever you are faced with a complex or challenging situation, overcome it.

How To Become The New Version Of You, What You Desire?

If you wait for the best version of yourself, you will be stuck in your current self forever.

Sometimes you must make a significant change to free your best self.

You have a choice to be the most effective version of yourself.

Release any limiting beliefs holding you back from becoming your best self.

Move forward to discover who you are, genuine.

Connect to that core that frees you up to be your best version.

You attract what you believe and keep your inner vibration up.

And you will be in the best position to create the changes you want in yourself.

Become the person you imagined!

Have faith, even when things are not happening when you want them.

You Need To Discover Your Values, Interests, And Passion That Defines Who You Are!

Knowing what is true for you and discovering what you want in life is what you want.

It will help you discover yourself before becoming your best self.

Trust you will get what you want when it is correct.

And do not hold grudges when things do not turn out how you want them to.

You will have trouble making positive changes if you constantly think of negative things.

If you think of positive things to happen in your life, you will make those things come into being.

It will guide you in understanding, and you can maximize your personal growth and be your best self.

Most Women Do Not Consciously Think About What They Want!

When women make choices, they often need more precise ideas about what they want.

Many women are scared their choices could be affected by something out of their knowledge.

They are afraid that they might get taken advantage of.

Once you identify who you want to become, you can become the best version of yourself.

If you think of things that you want to happen in your life.

And if you pay much attention to them, you will find opportunities to pursue them.

We All Have Stories We Won’t Ever Tell!

We keep a lot of our identities under wraps!

We all can tell a memorable story.

It does not matter how late in life.

Your story is going to give hope to the women who are without hope.

Most woman share their stories once they are polished and free of spots and wrinkles.

Many women are posting their stories on social media now.

They are showing the better parts of their lives and the tragedies and imperfections of humanity.

Women Need Support!

Women worldwide need our support, let’s give hope to the women who have lost hope!

“If you have a dream, do not quit, no matter what obstacle.

Your life problems will come down, and you will achieve your objectives.

Identifying what you want is important because it gives you a sense of purpose and makes living worth living.”

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Do Good To Others! Good Things Happen To Good People!

Single Woman Has Ability To Change Things!

How Do You Overcome Bad Times?


"No Matter How Hard Life Seems, There Is Always Something You Can Do And Make Things Happen.

Bad Times Come and Pass! Don’t Let It Break You And Beat You!”

-Bibi Nasabi

How Do You Overcome Bad Times?

Have You Ever Been Through A Bad Time?

When you emerge from a storm, you are not the same person.

Remember that good and bad times will pass if you are going through a difficult time in life.

Don’t Let Your Bad Time Break You and Beat You!

In challenging times, your best choices become apparent if you consider what is important to you.

We all sometimes make a poor decision; that can leave us miserable or fills us with regret.

Once you have the right mindset and emotional state, you’ll find ways to get through difficult situations.

Things happen because of the choices we make, and others make.

Things Don’t Happen By THEMSELF. How Do You Make Things Happen?

When life throws you down, you can either get up again and keep going or stay down there and feel sorry.

Stop hoping that things are going to happen; make things happen!

Take responsibility for leading your own life, and there is no stopping.

You alone have the power to make anything happen!

No matter how hard life seems, there is always something you can do and make things happen.

Do You Think That Things Happen For A Reason?

Everyone says things happen for a reason! But I think that it is not true.

I believe things happen to us because of our choices and the choices others make.

You tend to rush making decisions without thinking them over.

Your decision affects you and all those around you.

Make your life decisions thoughtfully!

Regardless of the result being good or bad, make good choices, and avoid poor decisions.

Many small decisions carry a higher weight it will affect your life.

You Are More Than What Others Think Of You!

People like you when you are friendly and caring.

And some of them make negative judgments about you, even when you are kind and considerate to them.

By surrendering your power to others and letting their impressions become what you perceive, you will miss out on being yourself.

Push yourself through your difficult times. Things might be difficult, but they’ll never be better if you quit trying.

People, who have grown up without emotional support, are most likely to worry about how others see them.

Judging Yourself By the Opinions of Others Is Not Right!

It is normal to desire respect, trust, and love from others.

But you need to be careful and not neglect your feelings and authentic self.

Do not judge yourself by the opinions of others; it will decrease your self-esteem!

Worrying about what others think of you will control your behavior and thoughts.

Worrying too much about the thoughts others have about you can hurt your mental health.

When you stop caring about other people’s opinions, you will have a stress-free and happy life.

Your Life Can Change At The Drop Of A Hat!

We all hope for good things to happen in our lives, a better life and a better world.

Accepting what you cannot change does not mean that you should give up hope.

Your hope will give you determination and show you ways to achieve your goals.

Your hope is a GOOD thing! And GOOD things never die!

There will be difficult times in your life. Don’t let it break you.

A Single Woman Has Ability To Change Things

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Do Good To Others! Good Things Happen To Good People!

A Single Woman Has Ability To Change Things

Everywhere I read: “Treat others like you want them to treat you.”

But I say: “Don’t treat others as you want them to treat you, but treat them the way they want.”

“When you treat others the way they want, their life starts to have meaning and purpose.”

– Bibi Nasabi

A Single Woman Has Ability To Change Things!

Each time a woman stands, she stands for all women!

We may not be in the same boat, but we all are in the same storm.

And all storms don’t destroy us; they come to clear our path!

Stand up and be a light for all women! We all have a connection for a reason!

Do something worth remembering!

When you’re generous, you’ll feel abundant and wealthy in all areas of your life.

Remember, we rise by lifting others!

Women must begin somewhere, doing things that will improve their lives and other women’s lives.

When you give your heart to kindness and love, you’ll be the richest and happiest person in the universe.

Absolute joy comes not from material possessions but from helping those in need.

Every One Of Us Is Not Able To Win Every Single Battle!

Winning battles doesn’t make us happier!

But letting go and choosing to see things in better light can make us happier.

The most common reason why women surrender their power is that they believe that they have none.

When we are listening to women with problems, it makes them feel heard.

Let’s ALL Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like Somebody!

Most women act out toward other women because they are internally wounded.

When you look at the people out there, they look at you.

And they are smiling at you; that is when you know you are loved.

Making someone feel good will make you realize how awesome you are.

Encouraging is simply saying kind words to lift the spirit.

Being a positive influence on someone else’s life will make them feel happy.

And being the one to make someone feel heard will set you apart in the best way.

Kind Words Inspire To Push Forward!

Make someone laugh harder, smile more significantly, and experience life a little better.

People forget what you said, what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

An encouraging word lifts our spirits when we feel burned out and despairing.

Remember, we are not in the same boat but the same storm!

Never forget who helped you, especially those who helped you, before you even had to ask.

Please Help to Improve the Lives of All women!

Please, never be one of those women that do not help and do not speak out.

Support the woman when you know she is in the right!

No one truly knows what is going on inside somebody else’s heart.

You may observe depression on another woman’s face and should reach out and help her without asking.

No matter what difficulties we may face, never be afraid of scars.

Scars make us stronger!

We will always need to battle hardships and endure our share of pain before achieving success!

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Do Good To Others! Good Things Happen To Good People!

Do Good Deeds Not For Attention!


Be Careful What You Tolerate

“In This Brutal World, You May Feel That Everyone Is Out There To Harm You, And It Is Difficult To Trust Anybody!

Bad People Are Like Bad Weather, And They Are Always There!

If You Let Them Mistreat You, You Will Lose Your Respect!

We Need Kindness! Be Careful What You Tolerate!

Teach Others How to Treat YOU!”

_Bibi Nasabi

Be Careful What You Tolerate!

People that care about you will not allow you to feel like garbage and will try to fix things for you.

Be careful what you tolerate! You are teaching people how to treat you!   

So many of us allow others to trample all over our dignity and treat us without respect, kindness, or care.

Break your silence and create Awareness!

Don’t live a lie and run away from your problems!

Now finally, so many women have started speaking openly about their problems.

Our inner voice tells us it is time to take our masks off and tell everyone about our problems.

If you let others mistreat you, you will lose their respect!

And soon, you will lose your respect!

So please be careful what you tolerate!

What Should You Do To Make Your Life Better?

I would try to surround myself as much with people who are kinder than me.

Being surrounded by love rather than fear makes our life feel warmer and fuller.

Love yourself! When you love yourself enough, it is easier to tune out the people who are not good enough for you.

We can share the love with others through actions of kindness like smiling, saying a kind word, or an unexpected act.

When we extend these acts to others, we make people feel good.

And we spread hope; foster peace, and demonstrate the power of kindness

We can heal through self-development, reading books, and quotes online on forgiveness.

Dealing With Bad People Is Never Easy To Tolerate!

That is why you need to find ways of tuning out toxic relationships you cannot escape.

Sometimes, the toxic person is not worth the hassle, so do not feel bad for intentionally spending less time with them.

They will pull anyone they can from you to punish you or make you a wrong person.

You may not be able to change what they are doing, but you can change what you are doing about their hurtful behavior.

You know that you are in the presence of harmful, toxic people if they crap on top of you whenever you state anything.

So ignore negative people. They will want you to be everything or everybody else.

And nothing is ever good enough because they believe they are perfect when they are nowhere near that.

It Is Not Easy To Lead A Life Filled With Negativity!

Once you remove negativity from your life, you will be amazed at how much healthier and happier you can be.

Toxic people generate drama, and their behaviors will never go away.

It is up to you to look at this closely and decide whether you can put up with their behaviors throughout your life.

You should prioritize your well-being!

I have seen people put up with disrespect and abuse for years and years.

These people hope that the toxic person will change.

You have to become a tough cookie!

Once you become a tough cookie and have mastered removing negativity, life will stop giving you trouble.

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel!  Fear nothing! Live your life to the fullest!

Bad People Are Everywhere! How Should You Tolerate Them?

Emotional abusers will keep bullying and hurting you, expecting you to sit there and take it.

They will fight, accuse, ignore, manipulate, threaten, or physically harm you.

I firmly believe your instincts will tell you whether or not someone is toxic and unhealthy to be around.

How you think and treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.

People are always coming and going, constantly showing us what we are not supposed to be.

One day they are adorable; the next, you wonder what you did to make them sad.

Be Careful What You Tolerate!


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Do Good To Others! Good Things Happen To Good People!

Try To Make Just One Woman s World Different

Do Good Deeds Not For Attention!

"Good Deeds Must Be Done with Good Intention! Not For Attention!"

-Bibi Nasabi

Do Good Deeds Not For Attention!

Do good deeds with good intentions and not for attention.

Don't do good with an intention that is for the spotlight!

The good deeds we do today for anyone in need will return to us, for humanity is circular in its giving.

There are many reasons for doing a good deed, which goes far beyond just helping.

Giving can be done in many ways, but the best is offering your time and energy to someone who needs it.

The person receiving a kind act or a random action has received a little help.

A Good Deed Has Double Effects!

Good deed positively influences others' lives and make us feel good about ourselves.

Also, your acts of kindness can affect your children and others in your community!

A small act of kindness is more valuable than a significant intent!

Acts of kindness have physical benefits!

It makes us feel good.

Kindness is an internal drive that makes us want to do good things, even when we get nothing in return.

When we do good things out of that inner desire, it is the goodness in everything we think, say, wish, and do.

The satisfaction from doing a good deed makes us happy with ourselves.

We All Want To Do GOOD!

Thinking Good and Doing Good Is not Enough!

It is noble to do good but more dignified and much less complicated to teach others to be good.

The best part of a reasonable person's life; is their small, unnamed, unremembered acts of charity and love.

It is far better to do good so that nobody knows anything about it.

Thinking good thoughts is not enough, and doing good actions is not enough.

But seeing others following in your good example is enough.

Remember, our lives are short in this world, and your excellent work will last forever.

Doing Good Work Is An Excellent Way To Gain A Bit Of Karma!

Good deeds build up a feeling of community, of being in solidarity, of an obligation to each other for and toward others.

Good deeds are spontaneous acts of kindness, generosity, charity, help, and aid.

And sympathy performed for no expectation of return in any form.

Posting a good deed to a social media outlet has little to do with self-interest.

And everything to do with spreading awareness of light moments in a darkening world.

If you give money or goods to charities, you are helping people who are not as lucky as you.

A Good Deed Is Never Lost!

Sad, but some people wish others would feel their pain and hurt just as much or even more.

Forgiveness Can Be Difficult!

Forgiveness can be difficult, particularly when the person who hurt you does not acknowledge the wrongdoing.

Sometimes we are so locked into grief and stubbornness that we cannot even fathom forgiveness.

When you see someone suffering from grief, offer your hurting friend an encouraging message. Be their good friend!

Tell them that forgiveness, understanding, love, and compassion are all possibilities, even after being hurt.

It will help in finding greater freedom and inner peace!

Let us get together and go and help everyone without accepting anything in return!

The good deeds we do today for anyone in need will return to us!

Do good deeds with good intentions! Not for attention!

You linger over events or situations that have caused hurt or resentment.

When you release your resentment, you will no longer define your life by how you got harmed.

By encouraging others to give back, you can get a sense of comfort.

A sense of comfort knowing that if you ever need a helping hand, someone out there will help in your hour of need.

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Do Good To Others! Good Things Happen To Good People!

Try To Make Just One Woman s World Different

Try To Make Just One Woman s World Different

"Maybe you can’t tackle global hunger or global warming.

But you can brainstorm ways to help the women in your community.

You could be of great value!"

-Bibi Nasabi

Try To Make Just One Woman's World Different!

Do you want to make the world a better place for all women?

If you make the world a better place for just one woman, your actions will make a significant difference.

A single person’s action can truly make a difference.

Real changes may take months or years.

Making the world a better place usually means improving things one few women at a time.

Together, we can make the world a better place!

Make the world a place of joy and unity, leaving no women behind!

What if? We Could Transform The Life Of Just One Woman For The BETTER!

What if? You could be something more than who you are.

If you know something valuable and valid, then tell the world.

Sometimes some women feel like they are chasing after something they cannot have.

My advice to all women is to take the pressure off themselves.

And dedicate time and energy towards what you have instead of what you do not.

If you cannot pinpoint what is making you feel pressured,  there is something off.

Taking wander off the table may help you become more aware of your feelings.

Are You Feeling Stuck In Life And Want To Find A Way Out?

It would be best if you knew what needs to change.

Close your eyes and picture something you always wanted in your life.

Try brainstorming things you always wanted to do, learn, or see.

There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you.

You should try something new and change something about what you are doing if you want to make any improvement.

Some women know what they want to change.

And some feel that something needs to be different, but they do not know what.

Everything Is Changing Fast!

Everything is changing so fast nowadays, think about things you’re good at.

You can also improve it with practice, which will help make changes in your life.

You’ll notice that you have become different when you start doing other things.

You’ll notice that you have become different from yourself and the people around you.

The people around you will start noticing a difference in you, and they also will start changing.

Making just one tiny shift, and doing something different, will create a shift in you.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure!

I am not afraid of failure, but I don’t want to be in the same spot next year.

Use your failure to your advantage rather than let it control you.

Understanding the reason why you experience failure can help you overcome challenges.

See failure as a challenge of life that helps you learn rather than an obstacle to your future.

We are in charge of how we view our failure!

We should see failure as a bad habit that we must avoid at any cost.

Failure is a part of our life! It can be an opportunity to learn and grow!

A setback for one person makes an excellent learning experience for another!


Every human being experiences suffering!

When we suffer, we get connected with those who will follow.

Suffering Wakes Us Up!

And It prompts us to rearrange how we view life's game.

We all feel like doing something different!

If you want to change things, you need to do things differently!

Regardless of your circumstances, no matter where you are in life.

Wondering Is A Common Issue!
Digging deep inside can help you find what you want in life.
It will help you avoid another lousy situation that doesn’t serve you.
It would help if you had a plan, a purpose, a goal.
And a vision of how you’re going to get where you want.


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God Bless You All!

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Do Good To Others! Good Things Happen To Good People!

Support Women! Help Them Grow And Shine!

Why Is Our Life Exam The Most Challenging?

"Our Life Exam Is The Most Challenging!

At school, we are given lessons first and tests later.

But in life, we are given tests first and lessons later!"

-Bibi Nasabi

Our Life Exam Is The Most Challenging!

Undoubtedly, our life exam is the most challenging in the world.

Life exam is complexly designed and has a high level of complexity.

In life, why is everyone tested the same?

We test everybody precisely the same like they are all exactly alike.

We are following others without realizing that everyone's problems are different.

Most of us fail because we are taught just a single point of view, not opposing versions.

People think they will have a great life if they are rich and famous.

But I believe that the love of money leads people to wrongdoings.

Money is the route of all evils!

Is Money The Route Of All EVILS?

Money is the route of all EVILS!

Money in any form is evil unto itself.

Why is money the source of trouble and evil?

I believe that it is not the money itself.

The love of money is a source of trouble and evil.

I believe that the love of money leads people to wrongdoings.

The love for money makes a source of all wrongdoing, which is the route of all evils.

In a person, who has a love for money, much different evil may have their roots.

Because they lusted for money, some people have caused considerable suffering.

The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All EVILS!

In their eagerness to get money, some people have caused much sorrow to others.

Money can hurt and splits families and communities!

Money is a cultural symbol, and we exchange it for numerous wants we possess.

We should use the money for good causes.

Use the money to care for your needs and family, feed the poor, and help the needy.

To be rich is not evil!

But in an anxious desire to acquire wealth, putting money ahead of relationships and people is evil.

Help to make the world a better place!

The Love For Money Can Lead To All Kinds Of EVIL!

We must live with a purpose that is bigger than money.

We all work to make money, save, invest, and well-handle it!

In the process of making money, please don't miss on being a good person.

A person's actions can make all the difference in the world.

Find like-minded individuals that are committed to the exact cause as you.

And together, you all can help make an impact.

People's Love For Money More Than Welfare!

People's love for money, more than the welfare of other individuals, is the route to evil.

How To Make The World A Better Place?

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who want to make a difference will motivate you.

We all need support; even if we have a life-changing idea, we cannot go at it alone.

It is wicked to use people to make money.

What makes me upset is when people's love for money leads them to the route of evil.

Most people fail their life tests because they are taught just a single point of view, not opposing versions.

These people think that if they are rich and famous, they'll have a great life.

They try to copy other successful people to be rich and have a better life.

Don't just love money and forget the welfare of other individuals!

What Would You Do If You Had Time And Money?

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God Bless You All!

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What Would You Do If You Had Time And Money?

Thank You! Best Wishes! Always Be Who You Are! And Keep Rocking!

Do Good To Others! Good Things Happen To Good People!

What Would You Do If You Had Time And Money?

“We use most of our lifetime to earn MONEY!

We work all our lives to get to where we are now!

But we forget to make proper use of the most precious commodity the world has ever known: TIME!

Spend your TIME doing things that you always wanted to do!”

-Bibi Nasabi

What Would You Do If You Had Time And Money?

We all spend a lifetime working for money, only to discover we missed out on all the opportunities in our lives.

The opportunities to spend time with our family and friends and see the beautiful world around us!

We never know what life has in store for us and when things might turn around!

But when you do not take time to think, you will get into a mess.

And you will wonder why I am making all this money, but my life is not what I expected.

You are not buying things with money. You are buying stuff with hours of your lives.

Having more money may make your life more comfortable in many ways, but it is temporary.

Money may buy you a little bit of happiness.

But money cannot buy everything; most material goods do not make rich people happier.

Are Wealthy People Always Happy?

Wealthy people are depressed; and are not always happy even though they have money.

The more money wealthy people have, the higher the risk is for depression.

They are miserable, even though they have lots of money to spend because they spend it wrongly.

Money makes the rich less generous and more insulated, and insulation negatively impacts their well-being.

Wealthy people do not form a friendship with people who are not wealthy.

And it results in the feeling of isolation, and they become trapped inside a tiny bubble.

Money might help you reach your goals, provide a roof over your head, and make your life a little bit nicer.

But remember, you are losing valuable time trying to make that money.

And having stuff does not guarantee contentment.

So What Will Make Us Happy?

Know what you want in your life!

Don’t spend your life trying to impress people who never really cared about you.

Things like experiences, having more time to do something we enjoy, and spending time with our loved ones fuels happiness.

Many say we want money to have our roof over our heads.

We want a nice car and an easy, stress-free daily life.

Most of the time, even when we have enough money, we feel like the most lonely person on Earth.

Why do we feel lonely, even around so many people?

We still feel lonely and hide our broken hearts.

Time is precious, don’t waste your life, and do not miss opportunities.

And do what makes you feel right in your life journey!


How to Spend Your Precious Time?

Most people think twice about how they spend their money but do not consider how they spend their time.

We may think we have all the time in the world.

But what we want in life may require more time than we expected if we spend it on less valuable things.

Many people go through the motions daily without thinking.

Investing time in taking care of your health will give you more time.

It will add several days, months, and even years to your precious life.

If you don’t make time for your wellness now, you might have to make time for your illness later.

Time is precious! Don’t waste it just running after money!

How much time are you putting into earning your money? A lot!

Spend at least 1 hour daily doing something meaningful for yourself.

Spend your time walking in the woods, spending with loved ones, or on anything you enjoy doing.


Try to forget the bad moments of your life! Your failures!

Forgetting your failure will help you step forward!

Why Isn’t Every Woman Living The Life Of Dreams?

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God Bless You All!

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What Would You Do If You Had Time And Money?

Thank You! Best Wishes! Always Be Who You Are! And Keep Rocking!

Do Good To Others! Good Things Happen To Good People!

Support Women! Help Them Grow And Shine!

“How Can We Help Women Get Ahead In Life?

Raising words rather than voices will make life’s journey easy.

Support Women! Help them grow and shine!

Right words carry a lot of weight!”

-Bibi Nasabi

Support Women! Help Them Grow And Shine!

Women want more meaningful jobs and excellent growth opportunities.

They need support from other women who are already successful, both in words and in actions.

Don’t leave any women behind!

Look for ways for women employees to be seen, heard, and recognized.

Support Women! Help them grow and shine!

How Can We Help Women Get Ahead In Life?

I think women must learn to raise their words instead of their voices.

Right words carry a lot of weight!

It’s better to raise your words than raise your voice on something.

You will not need to raise your voice if you can elevate your words appropriately,

Your words can have a tremendous effect!


How to Raise Words?

The words that you use carry a lot of weight!

And you need to pick your words carefully so that they paint a positive and glamorous picture.

By using positive words, you will improve other women's personal and professional lives.

Try to identify the negative words in your style and replace them with positive ones.

By using positive words, we attract positive energy.

Raising your words rather than your voice will make your life journey easy.

Sometimes we women feel like raising our voices to be heard.

But I think we must not raise our voices, regardless of the stressful circumstances.

Blaming and sometimes aggressive tone can creep into our language, but it invites trouble rather than cooperation.

The day all women learn to compliment, motivate and encourage others, they will see positive changes.

Complimenting, Motivating, and Encouraging Positive Words!

When used correctly, encouraging words can have a powerful positive impact on all.

Positive, encouraging words can help make everyone feel better about them-self and encourages them to do better.

Praising or encouraging others modifies their challenging behavior and replaces it with the desired behavior.

By using praise, you are trying to turn an underachiever around; and coaching their weakness.

Praise can be a huge help, especially by offering praise publicly.

You make the effect of this expression of appreciation much stronger.

There are many ways to praise and show appreciation, so get creative and see what works best.

Ways To Help And Motivate Other Women!

Use concrete ways to offer effective praise that can help and motivate others.

Words can motivate, encourage, thank, or assist when used positively.  

You will feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally using positive words daily.

Using good words creates a positive, nurturing environment!

You would be surprised at how much of a positive impact complimenting.

But remember, people can spot a compliment that is not sincere.

So be sure the content of your compliment is appropriate for the situation as well.

When using good words, you want the person to feel good about them-self.

 So it is important to say so in a confident, enthusiastic way.

Your Compliments Can Help Someone!

Your compliments may help someone learn a new skill or enhance an old one.

Giving positive compliments is the most powerful thing you can do when helping another person achieve their goals.

As a giver, giving compliments boosts self-confidence while also improving your social skills and stimulating creativity.

Letting the positive ball roll is essential to encourage others to keep doing their best job and be an inspiration for others.

Surround yourself with those who are supportive!

Please support the people you are in contact with, complimenting them and offering words of encouragement.

A kind word brings about a positive sentiment in the other person, which is why we must always incorporate kind words into our discourse.

Our lives will never get better just by accident!  Things will get better for everyone only if we make changes.

A Great Life Doesn’t Happen By Chance!

A great life does not happen by chance, but it happens by design.!

Changes do not come about by accident!  It comes about by choice!

Nothing happens by accident, and one must exert effort towards making that happen.

We all women want to be happy and succeed.

But as much as we strive for positivity, there are times when events may catch up with us and take us down.

Changing our mindset or internal beliefs is where the magic happens, but it takes time and consistency.

Good things will happen if you make an effort and have the willpower to make it happen.

How Can Women Help Women Get Ahead In Life?

Women seeking new opportunities have found it helpful to listen to others in similar positions.

They learn new approaches and find alternatives to deal with their challenges.

It helps when women employ and support other women in a position to do so.

Women must stand up for women!

We women should build career confidence by helping women of all ages achieve their goals.



How to Support Women and Help them grow and shine?

The right words carry a lot of weight!

Our lives will never get better just by accident! 

Good things will happen if we make efforts and have the willpower to make them happen!

All women must compliment, motivate and encourage other women, and we will see everyone grow and shine!

Why Isn’t Every Woman Living The Life Of Dreams?

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Do Good To Others! Good Things Happen To Good People!


Why Isn’t Every Woman Living The Life Of Dreams?

“Some women do not try to live the life of their dreams.

They need to move with their guts to pursue their dreams despite the uncertainties.

Please do not violate your values to fit in with the crowd!

You are capable of building the life you want!

-Bibi Nasabi

Why Isn’t Every Woman Living The Life Of Dreams?

Women give up their dreams simply because they are unwilling to try to find the next version of themselves.

Do not give up your dreams! Make following your dreams A PRIORITY IN YOUR LIFE!

If you make things a priority that is important to you, you will get closer to living your dream life.

Dreams do not come true by themselves. It takes courage! You are capable of building the life you want!

Some women do not try to live the life of their dreams.

Because they are not sure, they settle on something safe and comfortable.

These women have never learned to verbalize and explain what they truly want.

You need to work hard and appreciate the present!

If you want your future to align with the vision, you have inside of you!

How to Live Your Dream Lives?

Are you not living your dream?

The only reason is that you do not know what you want for your vision.

You can lead a prosperous, happy, fulfilling life when you commit to breathing life into your vision.

Once your unconscious mind understands what you want, you will naturally begin moving towards your goals.

We, women, are gifted with all the tools necessary to transform our world and our life!

We can transform our lives with one thought and conviction at a time!

Sometimes, we are frustrated with our journey progress as we cannot see any rapid growth.

It is okay to be frustrated. Never give up!

When you are frustrated, keep quiet and let the storm take its natural course, and move on.

Continue to make minor improvements, which will make a massive difference in your journey!

How to Create a Brighter Future?

You cannot always change what happens to you, but you can change how you respond.

Every day, you have free will and the ability to choose in each situation and thought.

Start thinking about how bright your future is going to look!

Women living their dream enjoy the journey rather than being obsessed with the destination.

These women do not just talk about their dreams.

They make daily steps towards making their desires come true. 

The contents of your present lives make your thoughts and emotions from your past.

Be mindful of your minds. Your lives determine your thoughts and beliefs.

Start creating a brighter future for yourself, one you deserve.

You Create Your Life With Your Thoughts!

You can change your life, and there is no such thing as a hopeless situation.

Create your life with your thoughts. If you want to change anything in your life, you can do it.

Change every circumstance and event in your life by changing how you think.

Do not focus on what you do not want, what you are afraid of, and what you want to avoid.

If you keep thinking about what you don’t want, it will keep showing up again and again.

Stop thinking more about what you don’t want, and start thinking more about what you want.

Use Your Thoughts To Create a Life You Want!

If you do not use your thoughts, you will create circumstances according to your older mindset.

Your Future Depends On What You Do Now!

The things you are avoiding could be the path toward your desired future.

See your present and future selves as two distinct individuals.

And your chances of making better decisions NOW will increase.

If you are avoiding the moment now or constantly returning to memories from the past, you will feel anxious.

When you create a new vision for your life, you instantly start seeing your entire life.

Never Stop Being a Good Person Because of Some Bad People!

Your life is in your hands, no matter where you are now. And what happened in your life.

Those who learn to master their thoughts and words master their future!

By taking charge of yourself and your thinking processes, you will be able to create a more positive, uplifted life.

 As well as diminish or eliminate the impact of any hurtful or negative energies that you come across.

Thinking about the future may cause anxiety.

But it may also make our lives more meaningful.

Give thanks to those in your life, who have listened to you without judgment, and loved you without condition.

You Hold The Key To Improve Your Life!

What you think in your mind, you can bring into your life.

Try listening to your thoughts and the words you are saying.

Think only good thoughts, and good ideas are powerful. You will create a good life with your good thoughts!

Every day is creating your future, so spend your time wisely. Negative thoughts will attract more worries!

Don’t ruin a good today by thinking of a bad yesterday! Your future will always be better than your past!

All good days will bring happiness! And bad and worst days will give you experience and lessons!

Don’t give importance to what lies behind and before you! What is essential now is what lies within you!

Every Woman Can Live The Life Of Her Dream!

 All storms don’t destroy you; they come to clear your path.

Sometimes you think things are falling apart, but they may be falling in place.

We get what we think, whether we want them or not!

Learn to live the life of your dreams. Learn to verbalize and explain what you truly want in life!

Let Us Make A Difference! In The Lives of All Women!

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Do Good To Others! Good Things Happen To Good People!