The Most Important Thing Women Can Do

The Most Important Thing Women Can Do

“The most important thing we women can do is let women who need help know they are NOT ALONE.


It will give emotional support and help them loosen the grip of their loneliness.”

-Bibi Nasabi

The Most Important Thing Women Can Do

What is the most important thing we women can do?

Giving our time and energy, and working together with other women on good causes, will not only help them but help us also combat loneliness.

Painful life circumstances, like a divorce or a loss, can intensify feelings of loneliness.

Your volunteering will decrease feelings of depression, help them to form friendships, connect with others, and generally will make them happier.

Feeling happier, fulfilled, and connected with others is one more way to stop feeling lonely.

Some women are more likely to experience more significant distress or feel lonely when out of contact with others.

Loneliness can become a chronic condition with severe, damaging effects on one’s physical and mental health.

Tell them they are not alone. It will give emotional support and help them loosen the grip of their loneliness.


Women Who Survive Trauma!

Women who survive trauma usually go on to lead everyday lives.

But the effects of the trauma may affect their emotions, motivation, and relationships.

Everyone thinks about and recovers from trauma differently.

And this can lead to different effects on relationships, self-confidence, and feelings of general security that each experience.

Whatever caused their traumas, and whether it happened years ago or yesterday, they can make healing changes and get on with life.

Holding onto the past can be a conscious decision, just as letting go and moving forward can be a conscious decision.

How Women Can Let Go Of Their Past?

Immediately after a traumatic event, some women experience shock, feel helpless, and cannot accept what happened.

Maybe they think that letting go is all about being able to recall events or people without experiencing pain.

Letting go of the past means breaking patterns and focusing on creating a life they deserve instead of dwelling on what they once had.

By diving deeper into themselves and reflecting, they can start letting go of the past and moving forward.

Letting go of the past is a lot harder if they are surrounded by people constantly reminding them about it.

Traumatic Events Can Hurt Women's Mental And Physical Health!

When in denial, these women cannot accept it has happened, so they act like it has not happened.

However, when these traumatic events are not fully processed, it hurts their mental and physical health.

These intrusive thoughts and memories can easily elicit robust emotional and behavioral responses, almost as though the trauma is replaying itself in the present.

Forgiveness might bring feelings of understanding and compassion toward the person who has hurt them.

Forgiveness may lead to reconciliation if a harmful incident involves a person whose relationships they otherwise value.

The acts that hurt or offended them may be with them forever!

But forgiveness may reduce their hold over them and help free them from the grip of the person who harmed them.

Bottled-Up Thoughts And Emotions Can Harm!

Bottled-up thoughts and emotions can harm women in pain!

And can make letting go harder, especially if they continue to reflect on the past and the things that harmed them.

One reason they meditate on past events might be the urge to reexamine their choices in the past.

Instead of focusing on how they can let go of the past, they will find themselves distracted by thoughts that allow them to stay entrenched in negative patterns.

Thoughts about painful pasts are bound to arise, but they must recognize the idea and allow it to wash out of their minds like water.


Time Can Open a Door for Greater Awareness

Time alone can open a door for greater awareness!

Finding ways to maximize their alone time will help them to embrace their solitude and harness it for good.

Understanding their personalities will help them seek out situations where they will flourish.

Acknowledging universal emotions can help these women realize what they feel is okay.

Many women may feel lonely even though they are constantly around others.

Seeing others spending time with a good partner or family members when alone may also sting.

Being lonely can take over their thoughts to such an extent that it feels hard to think of anything else.

Tell them that they are NOT ALONE! Give them Emotional Support!


Women in unhealthy or abusive relationships may need extra support to release because trauma bonding may happen.

It may be hard to embrace, but learning to recognize the things out of their control may help them let go of the past.

The acts that hurt or offended these women may be with them forever!

One of the best actions we can take to counteract the despair that they might be feeling is to make them think beyond themselves.

Some People Will Regret!

A time will come when some people will regret why they mistreated some women!

There is no question that these people will be sorry for how they treated these women.

They may have mistreated them today!

But in time, they will find that these same people will be remorseful for the times when they treated them wrong.

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