Why Some Of Us Feel Lonely?

Why Some Of Us Feel Lonely?

“Not sharing their feelings and experiences can make some women feel lonely, even when surrounded by others.

The strongest woman on the outside could be in the darkest place on the inside.”

-Bibi Nasabi

Why Some Of Us Feel Lonely?

Some women feel lonely even when they are around others.

We are surrounded by women silently battling loneliness even when around others!

And we never know about their loneliness.

Just because we may not see her suffering, it does not mean that she is not in some internal pain.

All of her wounds may not be visible!

We never truly know the pain she may be in and the issues she might face.

When a woman has difficulty connecting with those around her, she begins to feel lonely.

Some women feel lonely because of a lack of significant friendships.

They may have many acquaintances but no real friends to share their feelings.

We feel lonely when we want our friends to understand us, but they don’t seem to care.

What should you do to make your friends understand you?

You need to take responsibility straight up and be more communicative.

You need to express your feelings better and be more open about how you feel.

And spend more time with your friends so that they can get to know you better.

You should take responsibility for your happiness; by having healthy relationships with others around you.

The feeling of emotional loneliness is a normal human emotion.

But when it becomes overwhelming, loneliness can be difficult to cope with and lead to unwanted isolation.

How to end loneliness?

If you feel lonely, there are ways to end this loneliness.

Take stock of your socializing levels, and ensure they are enough for you.

Having someone to talk to about your life is very important in alleviating loneliness.

Do you often feel that you are not connecting with other?

We often have plenty of social interaction and friends, but we still feel lonely.

The reason is a lack of meaningful conversation or relationship that meets your needs for emotional support.

What are some symptoms of social loneliness?

You have social loneliness if you feel like you are not part of the crowd or accepted by those around you.

Loneliness symptoms include isolation.

You have difficulty focusing and concentrating, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping.

Sometimes some women do feel lonely even when others surround them.

Their loneliness can be caused by depression, anxiety, or other things affecting their mental health.

Why do some women feel lonely and find it difficult to make friends?

If one’s family, friends, and the people they know do not provide the support, it can lead to being not part of the crowd.

And these women find it difficult to approach new people and make friends, leading to loneliness even when surrounded by others.

A strong woman does not need to show her strength in front of the world.

She can fight and wins her battles that others don’t even know.

A strong woman will not allow anyone to take advantage of her emotions.

She might face some bad days, but it doesn’t mean she has a terrible life and must feel lonely.

Every woman handles things differently. Keep faith in yourself and be strong!

Try surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and can guide you when you need help.

Speak up when your inner voice tells you to keep quiet.

Don’t lose faith, and don’t lose your heart. Keep shining and smiling!

I know how hurtful it can feel when the people closest to you doubt you. It hurts you.

The hardships of your lives are temporary!

Identifying why you feel lonely, even when surrounded by others, is essential.

Understanding your feelings can help you determine the cause of your loneliness.

Show respect and kindness to all women who feel lonely by lightening their torches with the flame inside you.

Women need extra encouragement to express themselves fully when their shadows are whispering in their ears that they might fail.

It can sometimes feel discouraging, but there is a solution to every problem and challenge in life.

We need to help each other find happiness and avoid feeling lonely!

We all have hidden talents! And we all have hidden resources.

Don’t be lonely; cope with social loneliness.

Find someone who you can talk and share your feelings with them.

Talk with your close friends, family members, or anyone you trust.

My prayers are with all women worldwide! God Bless You All!

You Might Be Depressed Today But Will Find Joy Tomorrow! Don’t Ever Give Up!

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God Bless You All!

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