How Do You Overcome Bad Times?

How Do You Overcome Bad Times?


"No Matter How Hard Life Seems, There Is Always Something You Can Do And Make Things Happen.

Bad Times Come and Pass! Don’t Let It Break You And Beat You!”

-Bibi Nasabi

How Do You Overcome Bad Times?

Have You Ever Been Through A Bad Time?

When you emerge from a storm, you are not the same person.

Remember that good and bad times will pass if you are going through a difficult time in life.

Don’t Let Your Bad Time Break You and Beat You!

In challenging times, your best choices become apparent if you consider what is important to you.

We all sometimes make a poor decision; that can leave us miserable or fills us with regret.

Once you have the right mindset and emotional state, you’ll find ways to get through difficult situations.

Things happen because of the choices we make, and others make.

Things Don’t Happen By THEMSELF. How Do You Make Things Happen?

When life throws you down, you can either get up again and keep going or stay down there and feel sorry.

Stop hoping that things are going to happen; make things happen!

Take responsibility for leading your own life, and there is no stopping.

You alone have the power to make anything happen!

No matter how hard life seems, there is always something you can do and make things happen.

Do You Think That Things Happen For A Reason?

Everyone says things happen for a reason! But I think that it is not true.

I believe things happen to us because of our choices and the choices others make.

You tend to rush making decisions without thinking them over.

Your decision affects you and all those around you.

Make your life decisions thoughtfully!

Regardless of the result being good or bad, make good choices, and avoid poor decisions.

Many small decisions carry a higher weight it will affect your life.

You Are More Than What Others Think Of You!

People like you when you are friendly and caring.

And some of them make negative judgments about you, even when you are kind and considerate to them.

By surrendering your power to others and letting their impressions become what you perceive, you will miss out on being yourself.

Push yourself through your difficult times. Things might be difficult, but they’ll never be better if you quit trying.

People, who have grown up without emotional support, are most likely to worry about how others see them.

Judging Yourself By the Opinions of Others Is Not Right!

It is normal to desire respect, trust, and love from others.

But you need to be careful and not neglect your feelings and authentic self.

Do not judge yourself by the opinions of others; it will decrease your self-esteem!

Worrying about what others think of you will control your behavior and thoughts.

Worrying too much about the thoughts others have about you can hurt your mental health.

When you stop caring about other people’s opinions, you will have a stress-free and happy life.

Your Life Can Change At The Drop Of A Hat!

We all hope for good things to happen in our lives, a better life and a better world.

Accepting what you cannot change does not mean that you should give up hope.

Your hope will give you determination and show you ways to achieve your goals.

Your hope is a GOOD thing! And GOOD things never die!

There will be difficult times in your life. Don’t let it break you.

A Single Woman Has Ability To Change Things

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    Thank you, Susan, Life bring many ups and downs in our lives. We all experience so many storms, but we keep working and hustling our way through.
    I want to make a difference! I want to be an encourager! We all are here for a reasons that we do not know, only God knows.
    Have a blessed and peaceful day to you and your loved ones.

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