How to Beat Naysayers with Achievements?

How to Beat Naysayers with Achievements?

“Know your path! Always be honest and calm!

  Keep moving, producing, striving, and focused on your goals.”

-Bibi Nasabi


How to Beat the Naysayers with Your Achievements?

Naysayers will distrust you and think everything you are doing is for a selfish reason.

They will discourage you and never appreciate you because they don’t want you to thrive.

They will never miss a chance to criticize and discourage you.

What should you do?

You should not feel disappointed or depressed. Ignore the Naysayers and focus on who you want to be.

With your achievements, you can KILL the Naysayer’s disbelief and make them praise you and your efforts.

How to Kill the Naysayer’s Disbelief?

You can achieve anything if you shut down the “Monkey Mind”

The “Monkey Mind” is the part of the mind that prevents you from moving forward.

Do you find it hard to shut the “Monkey Mind?”

You need to follow your heart and not be pressured by anyone or anything.

Feel confident and perfect. Dream BIG! Believe in yourself and your capabilities.

The “Monkey Mind” is the part of your brain connected to your self-confidence.

Never let anyone take advantage of your emotions!

Focus on your present moment, and you can release the nightmare of the monkey mind.

Speak Up To Beat The Naysayer!

Be Straight and Upfront! Never Silence Yourself!

Do not silence yourself. When you quiet yourself, people will take advantage of you.

Speak Up! Live your Authentic-Self!

The voices in your mind might get in the way of what your heart wants to say or do.

The voices in your head can lead you to fear, sadness, and anger.

Try connecting if you find discomfort situations.

Your silence will not help you. It will make you feel down and depressed.

Everything Is Possible If You Put Your Mind And Heart Together!

You will find good things in the places when you least expect them.

Life tests us in many uncertain circumstances.

We all need as a  human to feel loved and appreciated.

When we don’t get that, it negatively impacts our lives.

It is important to show kindness and appreciation to everyone!

Do You Have Trouble Getting By When The Going Gets Tough?

Fear and uncertainty leave us feeling stressed, anxious, and helpless about our life’s direction.

A lot of women withdraw in times of stress or adversity. It’s very tough for us to tolerate uncertainty.

We often blame our current situation and never try to think that our current situation is better.

We must not spend our time worrying about things we cannot control.

Shift your focus and energy toward things you can control.

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