Do Good Deeds Not For Attention!

Do Good Deeds Not For Attention!

"Good Deeds Must Be Done with Good Intention! Not For Attention!"

-Bibi Nasabi

Do Good Deeds Not For Attention!

Do good deeds with good intentions and not for attention.

Don't do good with an intention that is for the spotlight!

The good deeds we do today for anyone in need will return to us, for humanity is circular in its giving.

There are many reasons for doing a good deed, which goes far beyond just helping.

Giving can be done in many ways, but the best is offering your time and energy to someone who needs it.

The person receiving a kind act or a random action has received a little help.

A Good Deed Has Double Effects!

Good deed positively influences others' lives and make us feel good about ourselves.

Also, your acts of kindness can affect your children and others in your community!

A small act of kindness is more valuable than a significant intent!

Acts of kindness have physical benefits!

It makes us feel good.

Kindness is an internal drive that makes us want to do good things, even when we get nothing in return.

When we do good things out of that inner desire, it is the goodness in everything we think, say, wish, and do.

The satisfaction from doing a good deed makes us happy with ourselves.

We All Want To Do GOOD!

Thinking Good and Doing Good Is not Enough!

It is noble to do good but more dignified and much less complicated to teach others to be good.

The best part of a reasonable person's life; is their small, unnamed, unremembered acts of charity and love.

It is far better to do good so that nobody knows anything about it.

Thinking good thoughts is not enough, and doing good actions is not enough.

But seeing others following in your good example is enough.

Remember, our lives are short in this world, and your excellent work will last forever.

Doing Good Work Is An Excellent Way To Gain A Bit Of Karma!

Good deeds build up a feeling of community, of being in solidarity, of an obligation to each other for and toward others.

Good deeds are spontaneous acts of kindness, generosity, charity, help, and aid.

And sympathy performed for no expectation of return in any form.

Posting a good deed to a social media outlet has little to do with self-interest.

And everything to do with spreading awareness of light moments in a darkening world.

If you give money or goods to charities, you are helping people who are not as lucky as you.

A Good Deed Is Never Lost!

Sad, but some people wish others would feel their pain and hurt just as much or even more.

Forgiveness Can Be Difficult!

Forgiveness can be difficult, particularly when the person who hurt you does not acknowledge the wrongdoing.

Sometimes we are so locked into grief and stubbornness that we cannot even fathom forgiveness.

When you see someone suffering from grief, offer your hurting friend an encouraging message. Be their good friend!

Tell them that forgiveness, understanding, love, and compassion are all possibilities, even after being hurt.

It will help in finding greater freedom and inner peace!

Let us get together and go and help everyone without accepting anything in return!

The good deeds we do today for anyone in need will return to us!

Do good deeds with good intentions! Not for attention!

You linger over events or situations that have caused hurt or resentment.

When you release your resentment, you will no longer define your life by how you got harmed.

By encouraging others to give back, you can get a sense of comfort.

A sense of comfort knowing that if you ever need a helping hand, someone out there will help in your hour of need.

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