What to Do if life Is Bent and Not Straightening At All?

What to Do if life Is Bent and Not Straightening At All?

“Whatever you all are going through! However big your problem is! Have firm trust in your God!

However deep the water might be! He is your way out! His hands will move towards you at the perfect time!

-Bibi Nasabi

What to Do if your life Is Bent and Does Not Straighten At All?

Do you ever feel like your life Is bend and not straightening at all?

And do you ever feel like there are tons of bricks over your shoulder?

If you feel unfortunate and lonely, you cannot look at yourself and your future.

You try to look around and think that no one is concerned about you or your feelings.

All you need is to be embraced and helped!

God is seeing you all the time, even though you might not be able to see the light.

God sees your pain and that you are left isolated by those close to you. He sees everything!

I believe he will put his arms around us!

All things will work for our good and in our favor.

He is the light in the darkness.

Just lift your hand and start praying!

Let’s ALL pray today for ALL Women’s Worldwide:

God, we know you can see us all!

We know it’s only you who can make us whole!

Only you can lift all our troubles!

You can see all that is in our hearts! 

And all our troubles and all that is hurting us!

You can see everything! Our struggles, pains, and burdens!

We all need a touch from your hand!

Cast your eyes upon us! Bless us and make us precious!

God bless us all and bring the smile back on our faces!

Thank you, God, for hearing our prayers!

Why do the situations don’t change quickly?

If your situation doesn’t change quickly enough for you.

 It may be for your benefit. Don’t feel overwhelmed.

God will lift you out of the slimy pit and give you a firm place to stand on.

He wants to change you and remove specific characteristics from you.

Do not worry; he is your defense, your rock, and salvation.

Even if everyone left you and betrayed you, believe in your God and trust him.

He is your source of strength, and he will lead you to victory!

Don’t be distracted by things on the earth that are only for a limited time.

Don’t become a sponge that absorbs all the filth of this world.

Lay all your burdens before your God, and he will protect you and your family.

What to do if you are feeling sad and lonely?

If your life is bent and not straightening at all.

You feel sad and lonely.

Don't put yourself in a shell of loneliness.

Come back to life! 

Many people begin to feel sad and lonely after something terrible has happened in their life.

Realize that loneliness looks different at different times in women's lives.

Feelings of loneliness can haunt many women, including the elderly, isolated women.

And women with depression, with symptoms such as sadness, isolation, and withdrawal.

Sometimes, when you feel lonely, you may want to isolate yourself from the world.

When you feel that you have no contact with anyone or no one knows you.

You may feel completely alone, even if you are close to friends or family.

The Way We Think Can Cause Loneliness!

Everyone feels lonely from time to time.

And the world around us can also cause loneliness.

But it is difficult to deal with feelings of worthlessness and loneliness.

Circumstances - Painful life circumstances, such as divorce or loss, can increase loneliness.

Not talking to friends will increase your loneliness, and it is natural to feel sad.

Some women become depressed because of complex problems or excessive stress.

If left unchecked, it puts you at risk of severe physical and emotional problems.

The feeling of loneliness often seems to last forever.

And there is no way to avoid the dark clouds covering the head.

When you feel lonely,  you are not satisfied with what you have.

It's important to remember that this is something you can get over.

How to get over when you feel lonely and depressed?

If you're constantly depressed, struggling to get over the loneliness associated with loneliness.

Or don't know why you are feeling lost right now?

There are things you can do to make things better.

Lack of social activities can make people feel lonely and sad.

These feelings may not directly lead to loneliness, but they lead to dissatisfaction with life.

Which can affect how you think about spending time with others.

When you feel lonely and depressed, you may find yourself focusing more on the negative aspects of life.

That can make you feel less comfortable.

But sometimes sad feelings last too long, are resentful too profoundly.

And get in the way of enjoying the good things in life. 

This feeling of loneliness, if not addressed, can eventually lead to depression and other mental health problems.

Don't put yourself in a shell of loneliness; instead, come back to life with the proper guidance.

How compassion and service brings huge benefits?

Research shows that compassion and service can bring huge benefits.

When we feel alone, we often feel meaningless, and the best way to overcome this feeling is to be kind.

Helping others can instantly change our perspective and revitalize us, which is why compassion has been associated with well-being.

If you are feeling empty or alone, this is an emotion that you can overcome.

God’s love will mend all our broken hearts!

Despite the many discouraging voices in the world, we should not give up.

We must have the courage to wait until we are delivered!

Women usually feel sad sometimes and sometimes lonely.

Loneliness will come and go!

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God Bless You All!

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