Why Does Every Major Decision Come With A Risk?

Why Does Every Major Decision Come With A Risk?

"There are risks in almost every decision we make. Things don't always end like they are supposed to.  Trust your instincts, listen to your heart, and use your brain to make it work for you."- Bibi Nasabi


Why does every major decision come with a risk?

When people say they need to make a risky decision, they often mean that the decision implies the possibility of negative consequences. 

Every decisions we make has risks. Some of them are low, and the negative consequences are minimal; these decisions are not risky.

The greatest danger in decision-making often arises when women are unaware - or choose to ignore - the risks associated with potential decisions that might be made.

It is beneficial to consider the risk involved in making decisions to alert you to the best possible decision.

 The possibility of an adverse risk outcome is precisely what triggers the decision to include risk in the first place.

Since risk is related to almost every decision we make, no matter how big or small, it is crucial to have a game plan to deal with these risks.



We may not always make the right decision.

Many factors can lead to poor choices, and understanding how these processes work and influence your thinking may help you make better decisions in the future. 

We all have moments of doubt and uncertainty, and this is when a strategy or process for making the right decisions can help.

It doesn't matter who you are or how you make your living, you make thousands of small decisions everyday.

Whether you are married or single, have or do not have children, live with one or six roommates, your decisions affect those closest to you.

Understanding how your fear affects your decision can help you evaluate your choices more objectively.



Are you worried about your future?

Don’t know the path to your future.

Sometimes things don’t end up like they are supposed to be.

You can improve yourself and change yourself.

If people have manipulated your emotions in the past, you may be afraid to trust your feelings to new people.

It can lead to a lack of confidence.

Life has a lot of opportunities, dare to face it, say to yourself that I am worthy.

If you learn to welcome discomfort today, it will become an advantage tomorrow.

Impossible is temporary, and failure is an invitation to a new beginning.

Remember, all who wander are not lost; remove yourself from who you used to be.



We can achieve victory from our pain.

If you don’t do anything to achieve victory, you won’t get it, and you will fail.

Criticism from others doesn’t matter.

You don't need anyone's approval.

If there is something that you really want to achieve, you need to accept the fact that some people may never understand it, and that's okay.

Disagreeing with others won’t make you the wrong person; it just makes you human.

If someone doesn’t understand you or believe in you, that’s their choice, but if you keep waiting for their approval, it’s your choice.

Women who win never ask ‘If I Can.” They always ask “How I Can”

Follow your heart, learn from your past failure, and move forward.



Things don’t end up like they are supposed to be.

When things don't go your way, focus on what matters to you instead of getting caught up in circumstances that ultimately mean little.

Instead of dwelling on unfavorable conditions, see them as obstacles that provide inner wisdom and personal growth.

Everything will work out in the end because there is a natural order in life.

Regardless of your fears and doubts, because what is supposed to happen will happen anyway.

Knowing that everything is working, in the end, does not prevent unpleasant events.

 Pretending you don't have particular  feelings can help you not express them in public, but it doesn't get rid of them.


Relationship Tension:  You may think you can hide your feelings pretty well, but people who know you can usually recognize when something is bothering you.

Never be afraid of bad situations.

They are the roots that will lead you to who you want to be.

What Is Integrity?

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