There Is A Purpose for Every Person You Meet In Life!

There Is A Purpose for Every Person You Meet In Life!


"Everything that happens to you has a purpose and is for a reason!

People you come across will test you, help you and teach you! 

And you learn your life lessons through your failures, tragedies, and the process of hurt!"

-Bibi Nasabi

There Is A Purpose for Every Person You Meet In Life!

Some will test you, some will use you, and some will teach you.

And some people will help you bring the best in your life!

People we come across are there to help us learn some of the lives most valuable lessons.

Everything that happens to you has a purpose!  Everything that happens is for a reason!

You will find it out from the tragedy and failure that you encounter in your life.

The disasters and failures teach you an important lesson.

And you learn how to live with yourself when people leave you.

Share your pain! It will become someone’s power to live!

Your torturer teaches life lessons through the process of hurt.

The torturers are the ones that give us scars for life.

But actually, they are helping us climb out of the ashes.


People We Come Across Are There To Help Us Learn!

People we come across are there to help us learn some of the lives most valuable lessons.

Some people that we encounter give us a needed push in life.

And some people come into our world to find us and be an integral part of our lives.

One never knows what the next moment will bring. 

Each individual you encounter has a purpose.

And they are meant to serve you in your life and teach you something.

Some bring you close to your true self! While others challenge you! 

Each of them has something to offer us or something to teach us.

And some might use you; or test you, but this will help you discover yourself.

Your purpose will not become apparent right away.

But as you travel the road of finding your purpose, someday, when you least expect it.

Something will occur to transform your life for the better.

People We Know, And Encounter Are Part of Our Lives!

Our family members, best friends, and co-workers, the people we know and encounter.

They are part of our lives for a specific reason and purpose.

They teach us to live our life with passion and purpose, and we must keep learning new things daily.

Your life's purpose may not match what you expect, but it will feel right when you find it.

Believing events in your life serve a purpose and will allow you to become the best version of yourself.

Grief and pain make us appreciate life!

Painful experience such as breakups, losing loved ones, or losing your job, makes you stronger!

You learn how to survive through the pain of the experience!

We all manage to get through the hurt and feeling of being rejected.

Why do pains come at us in the worst possible ways?

Find Meaning In The Worst Things You Experience! 

Don't lose yourself in the process of rejection. You are unique, don't forget yourself!

Find meaning even in the worst things you experience. 

Through pain, you will experience the freedom to heal.

Why is life painful?

We must feel pain, as it makes us stronger psychologically and helps us care for ourselves and others.

When emotional pain is too much, it may cause changes to how you view yourself, others, and life as a whole.


What to do when life hurts?

You feel as though life is pulling you further down.

As though the emotional pain you are feeling is infinite.

You wonder whether your grief will ever end.

Or whether you will keep on stumbling down with no prospect of relief.

As you lay in pain, waiting for life to change, you will find a spark of hope in the bleakness.

Sometimes, words fail us in the middle of our pain.

And communicating with others about our feelings of sadness is hard.

The pain of feeling too much pain may even make you stronger, braver, more assertive, more resilient -- transformed.

Maybe you think that life is just too painful!

Are you wondering why you are there? Or whether you will ever manage to get through all of this?

Why are you feeling the way you are feeling?
And what you will do to avoid experiencing that same pain in the future.

You want to feel empowered rather than victimized!

Even though we all have a few good moments in life, everyone feels that dread about pain, about not being able to endure more.

A person drowning in grief has undoubtedly tried to hold on to the suffering of losing someone through death or a lifestyle.

And the grief of broken relationships, physical pain - all these things are painful.

There Is No Such Thing As A World Without Misery And Pain!

If you are feeling overloaded with grief, it may be hard to stay connected with the present moment.

These moments of grief start gathering up and building inside us, leaving us bruised and beaten inside.

The more positive memories we have, the more likely we will be happy and emotionally healthier in life.

While nothing makes those experiences feel good, taking notes of how they have benefitted you may be helpful.

You might face challenging times that bring you a lot of grief and hurt.

Or you may have lingering emotions stemming from traumatic experiences.

Some people are constantly miserable, regardless of always having a smiling face.

I Know That Life Is Not An Easy Road! But Don’t Lose Hope And Give Up!

There are always going to be times when we feel like giving up.

Don’t give up on yourself! Everything will work out!

Everyone struggles! Don’t quit! Just keep on moving!

You’ll make mistakes and learn!

Get hurt and bounce back! You’ll fall and rise!

We all are not perfect! Have confidence and faith!

There will be obstacles, but your determination to move forward will keep you going.

Never mind if you fail, at least you tried!

Everything that happens to us has a purpose and is for a reason!

Continue putting one foot in front of the other, keep moving, and you’ll find a way!

And set your mind to continue your journey even if it takes longer to see results!

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