Let Us Make A Difference! In The Lives of All Women!

Let Us Make A Difference! In The Lives of All Women!

"Let us make a difference!

In the LIVES of our daughters, sisters, and mothers!

By making her better understand herself!

She will discover who she is!"

-Bibi Nasabi

Let Us Make A Difference! In The Lives of All Women!

We must try to make a difference in the LIVES of our daughters, sisters, and mothers worldwide and in our communities!

We all should ensure that women and girls can live without violence in all their diversity.

Right now, women and girls worldwide face a wide range of challenges.

From education and work to the threat of gender-based violence.

Unfortunately, even with adequate education, women worldwide still lack equal opportunities.

We all must come together and help them to understand themselves.

When a woman can better understand herself, it will lead to self-knowledge. 

Is there anything we could do to make the world a better place for women?

And make them less shy, humble, and more CONFIDENT!

To do this, all older women, especially those who have broken down barriers and stereotypes, should become more outspoken.

And be visible in public places, in the media, and in real life so that our girls can draw inspiration from them.

Want To Make The World A Better Place For All Women?

Women need to discover what they want in their lives.

It can be challenging to pinpoint what is triggering your emotions.

But knowing and understanding it can help you improve yourself.

Let us help make the world better and safer for women and girls today!

We should remove the barriers that prevent women and girls from leading and participating in decision-making at all levels.

We also need to promote social and cultural norms that perpetuate women and men are both equal.

Have equal value dignity and enjoy mutual trust and respect, including education, training, and policies.

What Would Change the Course of WOMEN’S Life Overnight?

It is not easy to change anybody, everybody is different, and everyone is going on another road.

But they will change if they choose to change.

Can you make others change?

Is there anything we can do to help women create more happiness in their life?

I think if women learn how to change their personalities.

Which is not easy; it will bring fundamental changes to how they act, think, and control their emotions.

They should focus on their efforts and find suitable ways of solving their problems.

Did you know that our emotions control the decisions we make?

When a woman can better understand herself, she will discover who she is!

And when she becomes emotionally more intelligent, she can better control her life.

How Can We Change Our Emotions And Personality?

Understanding the reasons for emotions will help a woman discover who she is.

By changing our habits, we can change our personalities.

We first need to look inside ourselves through introspection to see what is often less obvious than we think.

When a woman can better understand herself, it leads to self-knowledge!

She can learn to accept herself and find ways to improve herself in the future.

What Is Self-Awareness? Why Do Women Need It And How To Increase It?

Self-awareness improves our judgment and helps us spot professional and personal growth opportunities.

It is a skill that can be developed through practice (awareness), observing your thoughts and emotions.

Self-awareness requires recognizing one's values, character, needs, habits, and emotions.

And self-awareness makes a woman aware of her inner being.

She develops from observing and reflecting on what she learns about herself carefully. 

When you become emotionally more intelligent, you can better control your life.

With self-awareness, you can live your life in a way that respects your personal needs and emotions.

When a woman can better understand herself, it leads to self-knowledge. 

And by observing her thoughts and feelings, she can develop self-knowledge.

Internal Self-Awareness!

Internal self-awareness shows how we see our values, passions, aspirations, and adaptation to the environment.

We evaluate and compare our current behavior with our internal standards and values.

When we focus our attention on ourselves, we become more aware of our internal state to observe our thoughts and beliefs.

And we notice what causes our emotions as they rise and fall.

We can very quickly go through our lives without paying any attention to our inner selves.

But if we learn to observe our thoughts reflectively, we can better keep them under control.

How to Know Yourself Well?

If you know yourself well, you can evaluate yourself objectively.

Manage your emotion and align your behavior with your values.

Know yourself by self-discovery and observe your thought patterns and how they affect your mood and behavior.

As you begin to practice self-awareness consciously, your goals will fit into your current circumstances and emotions.

Self-awareness will help you become happy! It will help to align your current life with your passions!

We all must come together and help Women to understand themselves!

When women become emotionally more intelligent, they can better control their lives!

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