How Women Tears And Heartbreak Make Her Braver?

How Women Tears And Heartbreak Make Her Braver?

Pain makes you Stronger, and Tears make you more Courageous. Heartache makes you Wiser, Trust in God! He will guide ALL WOMEN’S to the RIGHT PATH!”

-Bibi Nasabi

How Women Tears and Heartbreak Make Her Braver?

Pain makes women more muscular; tears make them braver, and heartbreak makes them wiser.

If someone loved you, he wouldn’t give you tears; he gave you tears because he doesn’t care if you cry.

You feel torn in two when you get hurt by someone you cared for years.

When you go through heartbreak, you do things that get you through.

The fact is separations tell of the strength of our hearts.

After a heartbreak, a woman tries to think of ways to make the pain of heartbreak as minimal as possible.

And try to find out ways to relieve their distress.


How do women relieve their distress?

Broken relationships are often the source of severe heartbreak that seems to affect women very badly.

The pain is relentless, but your body chemistry will change, and your usual pain will decrease.

Broken hearts and growing pains are necessary to get to where one loves.

Women’s heartache, but her broken heart will make her life better!

There is always a better future for all women;

They all should thank their past for it.

When you cry, you do it because you have heartbreak.

Feeling love and being in a loving relationship is beautiful,

But holding on to pain is not necessary; it is voluntary.


Why should women not engage in meaningless relationships?

Pain is inevitable at some point, but women should focus on their future ambitions and goals,

And not engage in meaningless relationships.

They need to overcome their heartache and get a boost in life.

They were letting someone they loved go after weeks, months, or years,

Accumulating precious memories can feel like tearing themselves in two.

Heartache, disappointment, and our weaknesses can serve as a springboard into the second half of life.

We know from science that feelings are interchangeable.

We often use the words associated with physical pain (pain, pain, pain) to describe a broken relationship.

Brain scans of women who have lived in relationships show that social pain,

Emotional pain, separation, rejection, and physical pain share the same neural pathways.

Spend time with your close friends and talk about your feelings;

Emotional venting is what it’s all about, and it’s healthy for heartbreak.



Heartache is pain that occurs when you give up love.

It is better to forget and live a peaceful life by overcoming heartbreak.

Seeing your pain from a different perspective will help you let your heartbreak go on the road to recovery.       

Make this not a story about heartache but the Beauty of Grief.


What’s A Woman’s Feelings After Lost Of Emotion

Women mostly HIDE their feelings after the loss of emotions. Only some women are likely to express their feelings in public and seek support from friends and families

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Together we all women can empower every woman to be all they aspire to be!

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