What’s A Woman’s Feelings After Lost Of Emotions?

What’s A Woman’s Feelings After Lost Of Emotions?

"Loss of emotions impacts women's life. Let go of your past bad memories. A wounded heart heals as time passes by. Do not worry, A Better. A Happier Life is WAITING for YOU!"

-Bibi Nasabi


What’s A Woman’s Feelings After Lost Of Emotions?

Only some women are likely to express their feelings in public and seek support from friends and family after losing emotion.

They may feel that they need to be independent and care for their loved ones.

And they think it is not appropriate to express any of their emotions.    

Everyone is different, and some women tend to be more emotional than others.

Lost of emotion works against you.

Some Women usually suffer from symptoms such as anger, irritability, and aggressiveness.

But do not seek psychological help because they have difficulty expressing their emotions.


Why are women concerned about expressing feelings?

If people have manipulated your emotions in the past, you may be afraid to trust anyone with your feelings.

Keeping your emotions in check and expressing your feelings can relieve some of your stress.

You may be concerned that expressing certain emotions may lead others to judge you,

Or to believe that you cannot control your feelings.

Being ashamed of one's emotions is often the result of cultural and parental messages.

If you feel that the intensity of your emotions is out of step with the situation,

You should regain control of your life, learn to regulate your emotions, and change your relationships.

 Pretending not to have certain feelings and not expressing them does not make them disappear.

In Emotional suppression, one starts to lose touch with one's feelings.

If your emotions get out of control and you have difficulty returning to them,

It indicates that you suffer from uncontrolled emotion or borderline personality disorder.


What is Emotional Distance?

A person with emotional distance can experience CHALLENGES in close relationships.

Emotional distance is a psychological condition in which a person cannot fully engage with her feelings or that of others.

When people hide feelings, they learn to suppress emotions for a few crucial reasons.

Our emotional state determines how we behave, and every woman deals with their emotions differently.

We have unconscious ways to avoid uncomfortable feelings, known as defenses, which obstruct our emotional processing.    

Women who have traumatic experiences find it challenging to communicate with other people.

And they might have the worst feeling in the world of being hurt by someone they loved and devoted their whole lives.


Why is it important to express your feelings?

Society tells women that it is a sign of weakness to express their feelings and discuss their feelings.

A Woman should express her feelings because it can be a problem if emotions last longer than they should.

And these emotional experiences can lead a woman to emotional disturbance.

It can make her feel sad, indifferent, or uncaring.

She should express her feelings, share them with the ones who matter to her in life.

It is part of her life experiences, and she should express them and not let life shut her up.



Many of the emotional symptoms that occur can impact a Women's life.

Affect their ability to get a good night's sleep, lower their energy levels,  and cause feelings of depression and anxiety.    

We recommend all women increase their positive emotional states to withstand or recover fast from their difficult conditions.

And keep moving forward in life.

Everything happens for a reason, and you get to learn a lot from your bad experiences.


How to Stop The Regret of Past And Live Today?

One of the biggest regrets in almost all women's lives is that we don't honor essential things and do things others want us to do.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments.

Together we all women can empower every woman to be all they aspire to be!

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