Financial Stability! We All Need a Lifetime Protection!

Financial Stability! We All Need a Lifetime Protection!

"Most of us need HELP! Help protect our loved ones in the event of our timely or untimely death.

Let us get together and make this happen!"

-Bibi Nasabi


Financial Stability! We All Need a Lifetime Protection!

How Can We Get It?

Are you struggling to try to figure out how you are going to move forward?

Most of us need HELP! Help protect our loved ones in the event of our timely or untimely death.

Unfortunately, there are times when a child loses his parent. And doesn’t have enough to cover the financial hardship.

We all need to be part of a new great universal life insurance program that can help families like us worldwide.

Let’s get together and make this new great program happen for everyone worldwide!


We Should Try To Get Universal Life Insurance for all!

If approved, Universal Life Insurance will be a life care system that will be able to provide coverage to all citizens.

Who pays for it?

The country’s citizens typically pay for it via taxes.

We need help to protect our loved ones in our timely or untimely death.

I hope to give others in my situation strength when they feel weak!

Life is short!  And we all need to be stress-free!

But how can we be stress-free when we worry all the time about our loved one’s future.


Life Is Short! How Can We Be Stress-Free?

Life is short! And we all need to be stress-free! But how can we be stress-free?

We all worry about the future of our loved ones!

A permanent life insurance policy will cover you for a lifetime only if you pay the premiums.

We worry about how our loved ones will move forward when we are no more.

We do not want them to face financial hardship!

No parents should ever be without Life Insurance.



Why Do All Parents Not Have Life Insurance?

Everyone is talking about Free Healthcare Insurance for all, which I agree is a MUST!

But Whole Life Insurance is also a MUST for every parent!

The pandemic potential regularly occurring throughout history is a threat to our lives.

What is the biggest reason we hear for not buying life insurance?

It is too expensive. We all cannot afford it.

Most of us depend on our paycheck to help pay for our living expenses and cannot afford it.

Since the great recession, people cannot afford to purchase even the most minor policy.

They really cannot afford it!

And also, not everyone is in the best health class. Some people apply but do not take the policy.

The insurance company’s health class assignments put them in a lower health class.

We all want to secure our families’ financial future and worry about it.

I think our ruling government should get every one of us protected.

Let’s get together!


How Can We Ask Our Ruling Government Officials For Help?

We need to contact our government official staff members.

But first, we need to put together a letter asking for “Universal Life Insurance Coverage for all.”

We all need to be “STRESS-FREE” and have protection for our loved ones when we are gone.

Life is short! Do not live in the stress of thinking about your loved one's future!

We don’t have to be RICH or HEALTHY to get Universal Whole Life Insurance to support our loved ones.

Our Ruling Government needs to help us get this Universal Whole Life Insurance Program to protect our loved ones!

We all need to be part of this great Universal Whole Life Insurance that can HELP families worldwide!

 Universal Life Insurance can help ensure that our loved ones will be financially secure!

I want to help begin a new chapter in every parent's life!

Everyone needs life insurance at some point in life for whatever reason.

And Universal Whole Life insurance is a way to help provide lifelong financial protection for your loved ones today.

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