Be Who You Are! How To Help Without Expectation?

Be Who You Are! How To Help Without Expectation?


Being yourself will show you how wonderful life can be!

Help others by giving without expectation!

Remember, whatever you give, be it time, money, or help, do it with an open heart!

Helping does not make you a better person, but it makes someone's life better through your actions.

Know yourself better, and have an enormous impact.

You'll find more peace and success faster than ever when you know yourself.

You will carry and radiate success wherever you go!”

-Bibi Nasabi


Be Who You Are! How to Help Without Expectation?

No matter what you go through in your life, the only person who stays the same forever is you.

If you value yourself for who you are, it will inspire you to love yourself and live your best life without trying to impress others.

Being yourself inspires you to love and be yourself no matter what others think or say about you.

Nothing but honesty in being yourself can reward you and fulfill your life purpose.

The more you remember and connect with yourself, the more you believe you know what's best for you.

Once you understand yourself, you will feel more confident in yourself.

You'll find more peace and success faster than ever when you know yourself.

Trust that being true to yourself will attract people who will support and love you for who you are.

And no matter what happens in your life, try to help others with an open heart!


What happens when you are not yourself?

When you are not yourself, you will accept the values ​​and beliefs of others.

If you know your values ​​and why you do what you do, you will live following your values ​​and beliefs.

Be careful not to listen to people who tell you what you can and cannot do in life.

Don't limit your options, and don't listen to negative conclusions from people who don't understand your vision or passion.

If you care what other people think, you will always be their captive.

And if you listen to them, you will, as they say, cease to exist.

No matter how hard you try, you can't be someone else for too long!


Do NOT be someone else!

One thing that can help a lot in trying to "find yourself" is taking the time.

You cannot and will not know yourself until you find time to sit quietly.

And you are taking steps to explore yourself and your feelings.

Take an inside look at the situations you face.

And you will find a way to transform them to suit your needs.

Your energy and ability to see things as they are will help you get things done.

Use your imagination to develop a plan that will motivate you to improve your life.

You can change and adapt for the better and become who you want to be!


Don’t be trapped by someone else’s judgment!

Have you ever felt trapped by someone else’s judgment of your personality?

If you ever felt trapped by someone else's decisions regarding your character, you can get out of this box.

Change yourself with new habits and follow your true passions in life.

People can change, and yes, if you want to change yourself, you can!

Be who you are and find the uniqueness of your life!

Accept yourself and empower yourself!

There are many points along the way to help you discover yourself.

The best way to start is to find your passion and help others.


How do you help without expectation?

Helping others without asking anything in return is a beautiful way to create more meaning in your life.

Understand your purpose, and begin to have a more significant impact on the world.

Do not just focus on your own lives and forget the importance of helping others!

It will make you feel happy! It will help you connect to people!

When you help someone without expectation and bring happiness to them, they get connected to you,

You do good deeds by helping others! It will give you a purpose to live a meaningful life!

Try doing good deeds daily; the purpose of life is to be helpful and make a difference for others.

Try to lighten the burdens of others! Bring hope to those lost! And love to those who are lonely!

Helping others without expectation will change your life!

It will help you live a happy life with purpose!


Do you give in the hope of getting something in return?

When we give in the hope of getting something in return, we are not offering for a pure reason.

Stop expecting something in return; you must serve others to find inner peace.

Look for opportunities to help someone else, but don't expect anything!

There is a difference between those who give without expecting anything in return.

And those who live with the expectation of something in return.

Some give because they think it will make them a "good" person.

You are not offering for a pure reason when you give in the hope of getting something in return.


How to become selfless?

Some people help others selflessly, don't mention it anywhere, and don't expect the same reciprocity.

People who help others selflessly are the ones who care, not what they get in return.

Either you don't have expectations.

Or you need to clarify that you are only helping if the other person is helping you with something else.

If, having supported someone, you expect a response from her, then you are not helping her.

Help others without any expectations or judgments, and you should always look for ways to benefit others.

Helping others is extremely rewarding! It will improve your life!


Help others without publishing it!

When we help people, we should not publish it that it is me who has helped.

The value of why you helped in the first instance is lost.

Let the one you helped be the publisher instead. And you will experience significant satisfaction.

If you give because you want something, it is manipulating helping others!

Giving without expecting anything, even a thank you, is truly a gift.

And giving without the expectation of return will provide you with a warrior mindset!


Selfless actions help connect with others!

Selfless actions can help you connect with others because helping others will make you feel good.

And in turn, the other person feels grateful, so every time we help each other, we are a little closer to each other.

Sometimes we may find that we are helping the wrong people.

You should not stop helping others in need, even if we have been deceived in our life before.

When you can help someone in need but refuse out of greed,  you act out of pure selfishness.

When you HELP in the hope of getting something in return, you are not offering for a pure reason.

When we help; and are sincere in our intentions and motives, with no expectations, that's genuine kindness!

Kindness and helping others will come back to you when you least expect it and perhaps when needed.

We need to recognize this type of unfinished giving and be free to experience true peace in helping others.

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