Age Is Just a Number! Aging & Emotional Numbness

Age Is Just a Number! Aging & Emotional Numbness

“Age Is Just A NUMBER!

Understanding AGING is now more critical than ever with a rapidly growing older population.

The best age is where we women are now.

Because this is where we have the best opportunity to be who we want to be.

We will retain our childlike curiosity no matter how old we are.

Any age is the perfect age to be interested in new things.

And I believe no matter what age we are, we should celebrate every year of our life.”

-Bibi Nasabi

Age Is Just a Number! Understand Aging & Emotional Numbness.

It's not your age that defines you, but how you act, look and feel.

The actual number of your age is not whether you are twenty or eighty, but whether you are happy or not.

 And what you want to do so that your current life is, first of all, worthy in your eyes.

Age is just a number, not a measure of potential, performance, skill, etc.

Interestingly, when we think about ourselves, age becomes a number and seems somewhat meaningless.

Age does not determine us or our destiny because it is not our age that matters but our attitude.

We fear rapid biological aging when we say that stress has robbed us of years of life.

Sometimes aging can cause stress and emotional numbness feeling.

Emotional numbness is a feeling of being empty and numb from the inside.

Understanding Aging!

Your current age doesn't matter; the only thing that matters is how you feel about your age.

Age is just a number that shows how many breaths you took to become who you are today.

Understanding aging is now more critical than ever with a rapidly growing older population.

I believe that our age does not matter; the only thing that matters is what we want to do in our life.

Once you get to a certain age, it can be too easy to assume that the adage "you cannot teach old dog new tricks.”

Over the years, many studies have shown that people who are optimistic about aging and their age tend to look and feel younger than they are.

Slow biological aging is what we see in a friend who looks younger than her chronological age.

Most people biologically age about one year every calendar year; some age more than twice as fast.

I have seen that if you are depressed, you age faster.

You feel that nothing can make you happy or your hobbies are no longer attractive.

When we are under a lot of stress, stress hormones can flood various areas of our bodies, leading to emotional numbness. 

What Is Emotional Numbness Feeling?

Emotional numbness can be associated with conditions such as dissociation or depersonalization.

And you feel disconnected from yourself, your emotions, or your environment.

Are you feeling emotionally numb, getting old, and not excited about anything in your life.

In some cases, you may experience emotional numbness as severe as depression.

When you feel emotionally numb, it may result from the stress you've been through recently.

You may notice that people or activities that once brought you joy no longer make you feel that way.

Emotional numbness can make you feel disconnected from friends and family, and you can lose interest in activities you once enjoyed,

There are many causes for emotional numbness, from unpleasant events to mental health issues like depression.

 Feeling numb or using emotional avoidance as a coping mechanism will work temporarily.

But eventually, the trauma and feelings will find a way to come back.


For Those Feeling Emotionally Numb, Life Can Be An Out-of-Body Experience!

Emotional numbness is a kind of numbness or inner emptiness that permeates the entire being and robs them of life’s joy and fulfillment.

People diagnosed with anxiety disorders may experience emotional numbness from extreme stress, fear, or excessive worry.

Feelings of emptiness are common in our modern, emotionally phobic society.

The feeling of emptiness and numbness is essentially a feeling of being detached, surreal, and unable to identify emotions.

 For those who experience this sensation, it can be isolating and uncomfortable.

As you deal with intense or overwhelming stress, you may feel numb to other areas of your life.

 You may also feel like you are losing control of your thoughts or actions.

 Numbness due to lack of emotional and physical withdrawal and may be unable to perform daily activities.

To be in tune with your emotions, you need to dive deep, even if it may seem uncomfortable.


Why, And How To Get Help If You Need it?

If you're feeling  emotionally numb at the moment, reaching out to a friend or family member and making lifestyle changes can often help you feel better.

 By building a support network with your close family and friends, you can begin to change how you deal with trauma.

 And you will learn to feel and process your emotions instead of feeling numb.

Research shows that friends and family can often provide emotional support and understanding when you feel down or unhappy with your life.

However, if you're feeling depressed, it's essential to build a support network of close friends, family, and other loved ones that you can rely on to move forward.

Whatever way you choose, getting help can provide you with a safe place to express your emotions and get closer to them so that you no longer feel numb.

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