Why Women Use Both Sides Of Their Brains?

Why Women Use Both Sides Of Their Brains?

"Women use both sides of their brain, it's true!

Some people think that because women  use both sides of their minds, they have double faces. It’s not true.

Women sometimes try to be nice to the people they don’t like.

Because they don’t want to hurt their feelings.

The real two-faced people are the fake people. It can be male or female."

-Bibi Nasabi

Why Women Use Both Sides Of Their Brains?

Why do they say that women use both sides of their minds?

Women use both sides of their minds!

They have minds of creativity and can deal with problems and issues with creativity!

They can stand in the face of incredible odds and achieve everything!

Women mostly use both sides of their brains. Men use the left side mostly.

Everyone uses the left side of  their brain for problem-solving.

And the right side is responsible for creativity.

It helps in generating emotions and expressing feelings and thoughts.

That is the reason why most women are so emotional and creative.

Why Do We Have Communication Problems With Our Close Ones?

We sometimes have a communication problems with our relatives and friends.

We wonder why we have communication problems with them.

It’s because we assume that the ones close to us know us well.

And they will understand what we mean.

They will understand us even if we use brief and not exact words in our communication.

Our minds can play tricks on us. Everyone sees things differently, even our close ones.

Everybody does not see things the way you do! And it leads to a communication problem.

But If your motives, intentions, feelings, and emotions are reasonable, it will have a positive result.



We Should Be Thankful For Bad Times!

We should be thankful for the bad times!

That's when the beautiful people who are called true friends appear.

You know who your friends are after terrible things happen to you.

It's a miracle to have a friend who will support you when thousands of people are against you.

Although a false friendship may seem natural, it can do you more harm than good.

The positive aspect of being in a bad situation makes it easy to spot fake friends.

True Friends Will Be There For You Always!

True friends are people who will be there for you through life's ups and downs.

They are genuinely happy for you when you succeed and will be there when you ask them for help.

You can talk to them and tell them anything, and they will listen to your words because they love you.

You don't want to be with those two-faced people or friends.

That talks negatively about someone who isn't around.

Just because they hang around and laugh with you doesn't mean they are your friend. 

A Fake Person Is Your Greatest Enemy!

The world is full of fake people.

Before judging them, learn how to tell the real from the fake.

By identifying these fake people, you can distance yourself from them.

They are destructive and unreliable, and they come to you just for work.

False friends mean lousy weather with rain raging overhead.

And they will never miss an opportunity to disappoint you in front of others and upset you.

And false friends are no different than shadows.

They stay in the brightest moments of your life but disappear in the darkest hours.

 A real friend will worry about what's going on in your life.

Sometimes being alone is a better option than a fake friend.

Friends Who Backstabs! Are Worst Than Enemies!

A friend who stabs you in the back is worse than an enemy who slaps you!

The wound of a sincere friend is better than the many kisses of an enemy!

Sometimes people are like bread knives.

They can help you a lot, but they can also hurt you.

 It is better to have an enemy who honestly says he hates you.

Then to have a friend who secretly belittles you. 

Indeed, friends who once meant the world to you.

Now you cannot trust a word that comes out of their mouths.

Enemies encourage bad decisions, while good friends tell you the truth, even if it's painful.

What Is the Main Problem That Women Face?

The leading problem women have is a perception bias problem.

The perception bias problem creates a negative pattern of events.

Finding the solution to her problems becomes more difficult for her.

And the answer to her problems establishes a chain of other issues for her.

It makes it difficult for her to solve the initial problem.

And it leads her back to her original problem.

We are unaware of perception bias. We can misjudge others as well as ourselves.

Our personal biases can get in the way of our success.

Keep going! You need to carry the torch of light forward for other women to follow!

Beware Of Your Bias!

Become aware of your bias.

The next time you are in an argument with someone.

Reducing biases will help you in decision-making.

We always try to recognize the bias in others but not the tendencies in ourselves.

We have to recognize the bias in ourselves and eliminate it.

You can solve your problem if you eliminate the bias in your thinking.

Be Careful Who You Choose As Friends!

If you're not my friend behind my back, then don't pretend to be one in front of me.

Sometimes it's good to have fake people in this world.

It helps you know who your real friends are!

A true friend remains true to your face and stays the same even in your absence.

Live your life with a positive attitude!

And cherish the true friends who have stuck with you through difficult times.

We don't remember the hurtful words of our enemies.

But surely remember the silences of our good friends in difficult times.

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Why do women use both sides of their brains?

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