Why Should Women Support Women?

Why Should Women Support Women?



"Don't be a women hater by trying to pull other women down."

-Bibi Nasabi



Why Should Women Support Women?

For young women working in companies, especially in male-dominated industries,

It is crucial to be supported by other women.

If all women support each other, we can certainly create some beautiful lives in this world.

We need to have more women who support other women,

Build one another up instead of tearing each other down.

Some women misbehave towards other women in the workplace because of insecurities and jealousy.

They are worried about the competition and try to challenge the other women’s personalities.

Other women should not be your competition, and you should stand with them and support them.

We all women need each other support in life!



How can women help women?

We can support gender equality and the empowerment of women in the world.

We need to create a better future for our daughters to be inspired as women in the world by better gender equality.

Support women's movements worldwide to ensure that their rights are respected, valued, and implemented.

Don’t be a woman who cares only about your trouble and yourself; help inspire other women.

The government needs to increase funding for community-based proven organizations that help women.

Mentoring is a strategy to close the gender gap, and It is a lever that we can activate to encourage more women.



Why don’t some women support each other?

Ambitious women who decide to do anything to advance their careers become defensive and competitive.

And women in managerial positions show the queen bees' behavior and defame other women for not being like them.

 Women who are not happy and confident in their own life,

 Try to drag other women down by backstabbing and whispering behind their backs.

But we had some exceptional female leaders like Margaret Thatcher - United Kingdom, Angela Merkel - Germany,

And Indira Gandhi - India, who supported other women in the workplace and life.




All women should unite, be kind & humble, and raise each other!

Women all over the world should join together to create a bold and visible force for gender equality.

The time has come for all women to be strong and independent.

Never depend on others.  Get back up, move on.

I have made it my mission to team up with women of all generations.

And to create communities on the ground that support each other.

I want to thank you all women for your valuable time reading my post.

God Bless You All!

Nobody Can Stop You From What You Do In Life!

In your life, you think about how you live your life, how you interact with other people, and what you can do to get to where you want to be.

Do you know of any ways to protect women and end the gender violence?

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