Why Over-Protective Mom Leads To Anxiety In Her Child?

Why Over-Protective Mom Leads To Anxiety In Her Child?




" Don't be  an over-protective mom, teach children to manage risks on their own.

-Bibi Nasabi


Why does an over-protective mom lead to anxiety in her children?

Over-protective moms want to protect their children from harm, injury, pain, misfortune, bad experience, rejection, hurtful feelings, failure, and disappointment.

These moms' goal is to protect their children without jeopardizing their well-being.

But she can lead to an over-sensitive adult and exacerbate anxiety in her child.

The child becomes dependent on the mom and rarely explores social surroundings with other children.

Being over-protective can also undermine her child's development of independent coping skills.

And the child begins to flounder under the stresses of life.

In reality, these moms are harming their children,

And the overprotected children ultimately become a failure in their life in many ways.



Why do some moms become over-protective of their children?

Some moms are too concerned and think that it is their responsibility to protect their children all the time,

From the dangers, challenges, hardships, and disappointments life brings to their children.

And they become very over-protective of their children.

They tend to monitor their child and take control of their child's lives.

While overprotective moms can help their children in the short term,

It can lead to problems accompanying them into adulthood.

Over-protective moms make their children a failure.



How do over-protective moms make their children a failure?

According to a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders,

Anxiety was the highest among children of overprotective parents.

Studies have shown that excessive protective moms can lead to risk aversion and dependence.

Over-protective moms create children who are not prepared to deal with what life throws in their ways.

These children get used to their moms making plans and clearing up their mess.

Children get accustomed to things designed by their moms,

And will have a more challenging time later if they realize that life does not work that way.

Overprotective moms are harming their children and should stop being overprotective.



Why could moms lose their children if trying to control and hold onto them?

When children are small, moms are in charge of their children.

They make decisions, and guide their children in their daily activities and organize things for them.

But as children grow, they want their moms to become their friends and not their boss.

While most moms  are 100 percent focussed and sensitive to their children,

Even the best mom tends to lose control and overreact in times of stress.

Many moms have to deal with other difficult parenting conditions.

 The children face personal problems that they cannot help,

Such as bullying and different situations that are out of control,

And it makes the moms often feel like victims of their children.

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