Why Do We Get Overwhelmed And Feel Lost?

Why Do We Get Overwhelmed And Feel Lost?

"When you feel lost. You should resist the temptation to give up or run away from your problems."

-Bibi Nasabi

Why We Feel Lost?

We get overwhelmed and feel lost even when we make good progress.

While it can be painful, frustrating, and annoying, feeling lost can be an opportunity for growth.

It can inspire us to do other work that is beginning to satisfy us.

You may also feel like your life is entirely out of control, and you have no control over what happens next.   

 The more accurately you can identify the specific causes of your negative emotions, the more precisely you can address them.

 Tap into your strength. You can withstand adversity and bounce back from complex life events.

 The more resilient you are, the better you will be able to cope with the stress, anxiety, sadness that accompany trauma and find a way to recover from failure.


How Resilience helps you?

Resilience will not get you out of trouble, but stability can allow you to see further and better cope with stress.

If you are not as resilient as you hoped, you can develop skills to become more resilient.

If you lack resilience, you may become obsessed with problems, feel like a victim, overwhelmed, or resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

 While recovering from a significant setback, traumatic event, or loss can take some time, be aware that your situation can improve if you work on it.

Assess your efforts and, if necessary, choose a different strategy.

However, if you are already feeling stressed or depressed,

The same problem can exacerbate your existing stress and make you feel overwhelmed.


How to deal with your stress?

How you feel when problems arise can also affect how you deal with stress.

If you feel good and confident in your coping ability, the problem may not seem like a big deal.

Physical and mental illness can contribute to feelings of depression.   

It can make you feel helpless, overwhelmed with stress and anxiety.

Feeling lost interest can make it challenging to carry out daily activities.

Loss of interest can make you stop spending time with others and do things that generally make you feel less nervous.

 This increased isolation, decreased activity, and less social support can then play a role in improving your anxiety and depression.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make yourself feel better when you lose interest.   

The downside is that a small series of meaningful non-work activities can help your life become balanced.


Resist the Temptation to give up!

Resist the temptation to give up or run away from problems.

 These solutions can help you feel good in the short term but often exacerbate stress for a long time.

Unconscious emotions such as fear, sadness, or anxiety can lower our energies and make us feel doomed or depressed, undermining our free will.

 For example, you may feel angry or sad without knowing what triggers your feelings or how to stop touching them.   

One of the reasons we may feel overwhelmed by our tasks and goals may be that we are intimidated by the job or what it might entail.

We live in a buzz of anxiety about not doing what we should be doing.

The anxiety we feel, in turn, makes it harder to get things done, creating a spiral of inaction.



Feeling lost can be an opportunity for women's growth.

You should never give up or run away from problems.

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