Why Do We Endure So Much Suffering?

Why Do We Endure So Much Suffering?

"Find a better path that is out there for you.

Anything worthwhile is hard to earn.

Your destination should be meaningful!

It will help you to carry on in your life."

-Bibi Nasabi

Why Do We Endure So Much Suffering?

Suffering will always exist.

We endure unnecessary suffering when projecting ourselves into the future or reflecting on the past.

Hardness creates a purpose, and it is easy to get lost in life.

But it would be best if you did not avoid the discomfort.

It is not the solution to your problem.

Suffering and trials of life can increase the wrinkles on our faces.

They can also increase our kindness within us.

The sufferings in our life allow us to reveal what is truly dear to us.

What we cannot live without, and what rules our hearts.

The pain and weakness of suffering make us cry out to God.

Perhaps more sincerely, deeper, and more humbly than ever.

Our heart knows the direction. It will lead us when people make us feel looser.

It is not hard to fulfill your obligation; this world’s happiness belongs to you; trust yourself.

You will find that you can turn suffering into awareness and find peace and happiness.


We Should Face the Suffering of Our Life with Confidence!

The hardness of life creates a strong woman inside you.

It would help if you found the mountain you want to climb.

If you face your life problems with confidence, you will change your future.

Life without struggle is like a car without wheels.

Accept who you are, and don't be afraid of challenges; challenges will sharpen you.

It's okay to ask God to take your suffering out of you. Suffering brings us closer to our God!

He will put your feet on a firm foundation.

When you open up to your suffering by examining it instead of denying it,

You will see how you can use it in your life.


How Does God Bring Hope during Pain?

If suffering has a purpose, then there is reason to believe that good will come out of what does not look good.

Seeing how God works in suffering can bring you joy and hope during pain and adversity.

Regardless of the grief I experienced, I always found God's kindness in my pain.

When we are suffering, the most courageous thing we can do is look up, believing that God's plan is the best.

However, suffering can be the doorway to your personal development, growth, and expansion.


Don’t Lose Track of Yourself!

No Woman can escape or avoid suffering. Don't ever lose track of yourself!

Suffering is for a better tomorrow!

You can get out through your suffering, not get scared, and turn your back.

Fight the obstacles of your life, and no block is too big to overcome; there is a better life waiting for you!

When you get confused and don't know where to draw your power, remember that your strength is within you.

And it will take you where you want to.

Don't be afraid in your life; force yourself to find yourself!

And don't live your life just pleasing others; you will lose your purpose.


Find Ways to Hold You High!

If you look around your life and feel unhappy, you always have a second chance.

You do not need others to approve of you.
But you should find ways to hold yourself high.

You need to understand that nothing is impossible, and you can change your life situation.

You alone can change your own life. Do not accept your life as it is, but try to find ways to solve your problems.

The world doesn’t write your story, and you write your story.

Don’t change the person you are, but change the shackles limiting you from who you are.

Some complex life situations try to threaten us, but these challenges make the problematic  situation work for us.


Do Not Lose Hope!  And Trust in Your God!

Don’t give up hope! Nothing should hurt you.

Learn not to give room to your enemies.

Don’t let anybody attack you, and never open the doors for your enemies.

Focus on simple, noble, and good things in your life.

We all need a meaningful life. Don’t forget to live for yourself.

Why do we forget to live for ourselves?
Don’t be deceived by the spirit of fear and give up your hopes.

God’s arm is the safest place to be, and you should always look at God to shield you!

Regardless of what you face in life, God will protect you in any challenges.

And he will destroy all the plans of your enemies.


You Maybe Tired from the Life Battle You Fought. What Should You Do?

Most women feel they are stuck in a situation not because they are but because they do not want to face and find a solution.

Often, some women do not express their unhappiness because they cannot see the reality of the situation.

You can cope with the situation simply by realizing yourself and showing lightness to yourself.

One of the things we all need to do when we are tired of fighting is to see reality.

Whatever your feelings, you probably most want the fight to end.

When people in your family are fighting, it isn't easy to know what to do.

It is not always easy to prevent families from fighting, but you can work together.


You Can Overcome Your Future!

Our life battle makes us tired. 

What should we women do? Don’t Panic, be bold, open your eyes, do not be afraid about your future.

You can overcome your future, become more selfless and unify with the good people around you.

They will help you, be united, and you don’t need to agree with everything they say or do.

Remember you are not alone, you might fail, but your God will always guide you and protect you!

There were women like us who could not speak out or speak loud about their life problems.

When you look around and feel you are unworthy and life is mistreating you.

You should fight and grow your wings, and you have opportunities.

 We all need a meaningful destination.

Don’t let people make you feel low. You can do better than them.

How To Face the Hardship In Our Life!

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