Why Are Failure And Disappointment Challenging?

Why Are Failure And Disappointment Challenging?





Why are failure and disappointment challenging?

 In life, you don’t expect bad things, and when it happens, you get disappointed.

 We sometimes fail to achieve our goals despite our best efforts.

 Frustration can translate to depression, self-blame, and anger toward the outside world.

And our sense of self can be distorted when too many frustrations build up. 

  You should have a plan to deal with these disappointments when they do happen.  

 If you’re experiencing a series of frustrations and are unsure of how to deal with them,   

It may be tempting to act instantly based on the emotion triggered by the emotion,

 But often, this does not correct the situation that triggered the emotion.

What should I do when I face disappointment, disadvantage, and discomfort?

Being kind to yourself and reaffirming your feelings will help you through the tide of frustration, 

While also providing support and distraction are helpful ways to endure feelings of frustration while it lasts. 

 If you are one of the women who overestimate expectations, working constructively through frustration can help you change expectations.   

 As you learn to deal with frustration, you will find ways to deal with it. 

 Ask if there is any benefit to feeling unhappy about disappointment instead of working on it in your unique way.

  Incorporate frustration into your emotional setting and constantly seek ways to overcome it.   

 Avoid things every day to stay calm so that you don't feel like the end of the world every time you are disappointed with the result. 

Failures and disappointments are challenging to deal with and are inevitable parts of life.

Don't dwell too long on your problems!

Denying the reality of a bad situation or not wanting to think about it as a whole makes the problem worse.

It will make you stuck when you can work on solving the problem.    

Think about it enough to understand how you are feeling and how to respond best.

All women should keep their minds focused on something positive.

Determine if your frustration is related to a specific person or situation or almost every aspect of your life.

Imagine letting go of the emotional or physical stress associated with the problem. 

Now that you understand exactly how you feel think about how you can feel better.  

Accepting disappointing circumstances can make your life less uncomfortable.  Feelings of disappointment can be painful, and many may be helpless and very upset.

Sadness is a natural emotion associated with loss and disappointment.  

What are some ways to minimize the waves of frustration?

In many cases, frustration can turn into constant sadness, feelings of loss, frustration, or even betrayal. 

Frustration is a complex emotion; when you feel the first few bouts of frustration, stop acknowledging it and find a way forward. 

Let the waves of frustration sweep over you, speak loudly (at least to yourself), and respect your emotions.   

The problem with emotions like frustration is that they can destroy our views of ourselves. 

Although we may not always be able to control the frustrations that come our way,

We can try to minimize and counteract their impact on our daily lives.    

Research shows that changing the way you think about the outcome can work to make it more appealing. 

Communicating with friends and family about your disappointing situation can provide much-needed clarity. 

If you have already recognized and validated your feelings of frustration, 

Then distracting yourself can be a helpful coping strategy to get past the tide. 

Living in the moment (which takes practice) can be the first antidote to frustration.

 If we must deal with frustration no matter what, we need to change our mindset to help us recover faster.

Why independence and dependence may both be cages?

Codependency is classified as a mental health disorder, while codependency is a behavior. 

Codependency is defined as behavior in extreme one-sided relationships to help or please the other person in the relationship.

On the other hand, codependency harms a person and a relationship.    

An interdependent woman strives to find a balance between family, friends, and self-care.

And she strives to become the best version of herself.

Women who consider themselves independent and codependent may find that something is missing.    

Why is your partner disappointing you and does not have courtesy or respect for you?

Your partner disappoints you and does not have courtesy or respect for you, and takes you for granted with no care in the world.

When a woman does something for her partner, she does it because she wants to do it, 

She wants to please him, not because he is something or she is in debt.

But if she feels like she is giving everything and her partner is not treating her well in return.

Something in her instinct tells her that her partner does not appreciate her the way she would like.

Usually, it happens because he let her down by doing something or having opinions that go far beyond her acceptable thinking or behavior.

 In some ways, he can become very territorial or controlling, related to taking her for granted.

 It is terrible and abusive behavior that he uses to lure her into a relationship trap.

 Some days he will apologize and tell her sorry for the harm he has done to her.

 And she may think that he will try to improve, fix or replace what was broken or take back what he said.

Life Will Shake You! Never let It Break You!

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