What Would You Do If You Had Time And Money?

What Would You Do If You Had Time And Money?

“We use most of our lifetime to earn MONEY!

We work all our lives to get to where we are now!

But we forget to make proper use of the most precious commodity the world has ever known: TIME!

Spend your TIME doing things that you always wanted to do!”

-Bibi Nasabi

What Would You Do If You Had Time And Money?

We all spend a lifetime working for money, only to discover we missed out on all the opportunities in our lives.

The opportunities to spend time with our family and friends and see the beautiful world around us!

We never know what life has in store for us and when things might turn around!

But when you do not take time to think, you will get into a mess.

And you will wonder why I am making all this money, but my life is not what I expected.

You are not buying things with money. You are buying stuff with hours of your lives.

Having more money may make your life more comfortable in many ways, but it is temporary.

Money may buy you a little bit of happiness.

But money cannot buy everything; most material goods do not make rich people happier.

Are Wealthy People Always Happy?

Wealthy people are depressed; and are not always happy even though they have money.

The more money wealthy people have, the higher the risk is for depression.

They are miserable, even though they have lots of money to spend because they spend it wrongly.

Money makes the rich less generous and more insulated, and insulation negatively impacts their well-being.

Wealthy people do not form a friendship with people who are not wealthy.

And it results in the feeling of isolation, and they become trapped inside a tiny bubble.

Money might help you reach your goals, provide a roof over your head, and make your life a little bit nicer.

But remember, you are losing valuable time trying to make that money.

And having stuff does not guarantee contentment.

So What Will Make Us Happy?

Know what you want in your life!

Don’t spend your life trying to impress people who never really cared about you.

Things like experiences, having more time to do something we enjoy, and spending time with our loved ones fuels happiness.

Many say we want money to have our roof over our heads.

We want a nice car and an easy, stress-free daily life.

Most of the time, even when we have enough money, we feel like the most lonely person on Earth.

Why do we feel lonely, even around so many people?

We still feel lonely and hide our broken hearts.

Time is precious, don’t waste your life, and do not miss opportunities.

And do what makes you feel right in your life journey!


How to Spend Your Precious Time?

Most people think twice about how they spend their money but do not consider how they spend their time.

We may think we have all the time in the world.

But what we want in life may require more time than we expected if we spend it on less valuable things.

Many people go through the motions daily without thinking.

Investing time in taking care of your health will give you more time.

It will add several days, months, and even years to your precious life.

If you don’t make time for your wellness now, you might have to make time for your illness later.

Time is precious! Don’t waste it just running after money!

How much time are you putting into earning your money? A lot!

Spend at least 1 hour daily doing something meaningful for yourself.

Spend your time walking in the woods, spending with loved ones, or on anything you enjoy doing.


Try to forget the bad moments of your life! Your failures!

Forgetting your failure will help you step forward!

Why Isn’t Every Woman Living The Life Of Dreams?

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What Would You Do If You Had Time And Money?

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