What Should I Do? Our World Has So Many Imitators!

What Should I Do? Our World Has So Many Imitators!


“Our World Has Many Imitators And Few Initiators!

 Don’t Give Anyone the Power to Put You Down!

Always Listen To Your Inner Voice!

You Have the Master Key To Open Your Inner Lock!”

-Bibi Nasabi

What Should I Do? In This World, There Are So Many Imitators And Just A Few Initiators!

One of my fears is that many of us are learning the wrong lessons.

 We are learning to fear creativity instead of embracing it.

To overcome a situation of oppression, you first need to acknowledge its causes critically.

Then, transforming your actions can bring about a new situation.

To be able to fight your freedom struggles, you need to see the reality.

 Not as a closed world from which there is no escape, but a limited situation in which you can transform.

Tap into your inner voice to get guidance when you need it most

The more familiar you are with different aspects of yourselves, the easier it is to get in touch with your inner truth.

Finding your inner voice and listening could save you tons of time, energy, and anguish down the road.

Your inner voice is your unique truth-telling voice coming from your inside!

Don’t Give Anyone the Power to Put You Down! You Are Your Master!

You give away your power when you worry too much about what others think but not enough about what you feel about yourself.

Always ensure that, regardless of what happens, you always strive to put yourself first, to maintain your value over others.

If your self-worth depends on others holding you in high esteem, you will probably be a people pleaser.

When you allow others to affect you, you are out of control and upset.

 And you allow others to blame you, shame you, embarrass you, bully you, and, most obviously, control you.

You are giving away your power when you engage in primarily pointless acts of sacrifice.

Surrendering what others want you to do and acting against your best interests.

Any time you let someone negatively affect how you think, feel, or behave, you give them power over you.

You Should Be In Complete Control Of Your Emotions!

Accept that you are in complete control of your emotions, no matter what someone else is doing.

If you do not, the love you show to the negative person will quickly become unavailable to you and others.

Sometimes toxic people trap you as something of a hunting game.

You know that you should not succumb to them, but you also know there are consequences if you do not.

And you will be doing things that many toxic people want because you do not want to be unreasonable or create more drama.

Then they come back to enchant you, giving you just enough of what you need to keep you around.

Toxic People Try Hard To Downplay Your Strengths!

Toxic people will try hard to play up your faults and downplay your strengths; that is how they gain power.

If you can own your strengths and weaknesses, what toxic people think about you will not matter.

Because you will know your strengths are more than enough to make your flaws irrelevant, or at the very least, make them yesterday’s news.

Some people make others feel worse about themselves to make themselves feel better.

These individuals genuinely care about how others see them, but they generate a few smiles or giggles at their victim’s expense.

 Some people might resort to mocking others because they are not sure how to effectively communicate their honest thoughts and feelings.

The negative attention received for these behaviors usually makes the person feel worse, making them even more driven to bullying.

Having Low Self-Esteem is The Cause of Bully!

Having low self-esteem causes a person to bully others, as they may need to make others feel worse about themselves.

Some people use it to get other people in their corner, thinking that this will make others feel more positive toward them.

There are times people will try to bring you down, and those are when you have to be stronger.

And more focused on yourself instead of listening to what others are saying.

People will always say things about you, but it is even more critical to never listen to what people say.

They tend to say things that do not mean anything constantly.

Some people try to sabotage views and opinions contrary to their own.

You cannot please everybody, but toxic people believe you cannot please anybody.

You can let the negative thoughts and emotions take control or focus on the more positive feelings and shift your outlook.

Listen To Your Inner Voice! It Speaks the Truth!

Listening to your inner voice does not make your problems intuitively guide you.

Listening to your inner wisdom requires taking time to silence all of the chatter surrounding you and inside of yourself.

If you feel that your inner truth is playing a game of hide-and-seek with you, do not be disappointed; go with it.

Your inner voice helps you discern your wisdom, guidance, and direction fully.

Just because you are not feeling those moments does not mean they are not there.

Tap Into Your Inner Voice When You Need It Most!

Tap into your inner voice to get guidance when you need it most

You have that voice and feeling when things feel wrong or when something feels particular and surprising.

The internal voice offering guidance is not a voice that you hear necessarily.

 It is more of a sense of feeling (though it may, for some people, it is a voice).

Whether your inner voice is loud and clear or is more like a whisper.

 Listening to it can be an excellent source of guidance when you need it the most.

With patience, confidence, and a good listener, you can tap into your inner voice to get guidance when you need it most.

You Are Your Master! Listen To Your Inner Voice! You Have the Master Key To Open Your Inner Lock!

Only you have the master key to open your inner lock.

Believe in yourself;  you are worthy and strong enough.

All you need is a clear view and a very logical response to the point of life.

Your inner truth is the mirror that you see life through.

Nourish your inner voice with proper nourishment.

Like positive affirmations, uplifting people supporting you, and excellent self-care.

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