Is It Correct To Hide Our Tears And Smile Outside?

Is It Correct To Hide Our Tears And Smile Outside?




"Some women smile but look you in the eye because they cannot hide the pain and suffering  behind their smiles."

-Bibi Nasabi

Is it correct to hide our tears and smile outside?

Crying lets others know that your emotions are overwhelming.

It can signal that you need support or comfort.

Try to understand why you started crying and what the underlying emotions and factors were.    

When people first talk about depression, they may face several "harmless" comments that hurt.    

They worry that others think they are weak and vulnerable.    

As a result, they may feel embarrassed about depression.

And they think that they have to deal with their depression on their own.

While pretending to be happy, many women struggle with negative emotions, anxiety, and depressive thoughts.

Women with depression often cannot function in their daily lives, even bedridden, and of course, not smiling. 

Why do women primarily hide their tears from their loved ones?

You think so much about past losses that it can be hard to get rid of the sadness.    

Research shows that women who feel rejected often experience emotions such as sadness and anger.

They often hide their emotions to protect their relationships. 

You may worry that expressing certain emotions may cause others to judge you.

By hiding your emotions, you interfere with clear communication with people in your life. 

 Thus, emotional suppression can become a habit that begins to manifest itself subconsciously.

And you may also start to lose touch with your feelings. 

Why do women mostly feel that they are responsible for their depression?

 Some women may feel embarrassed about depression because they think they need to deal with it on their own,

And this type of depression often goes unnoticed.

Women with smiling depression often disguise their sadness with a smile.

And an appearance designed to hide their inner turmoil and suffering.    

They feel that they are responsible for their depression. 

As a result, they feel guilty and sometimes even ashamed of their depression. 

They hide behind the smile to convince others that they are happy.    

Suppressing emotions and feelings can cause enormous harm to a woman’s mental health.



Why do women usually cry when they are alone?

 Some depressed women cry a lot, only when they are alone.

And try to smile, laugh, and act like other people even in extreme emotional pain. 

 Although crying is a normal part of life, excessive crying may signify various emotional or personality disorders.  

 It is important to note that crying is usually a sign of depression.

Symptoms such as despair, frequent sleep, deep sadness, and lack of motivation are present. 

Depressed women should be more open to crying and not see it as a sign of weakness.

How do tears help you communicate with other people?

 Tears help you communicate with other people.

When you cry for any reason, you message everyone who can see you (whether you like it or not). 

It can help strengthen your sense of connection, which can improve your mood and overall well-being.

Crying helps regulate intense emotions. 

Most people think that sadness, anger, and frustration are bad.    

After all, when many people think of depression, they usually think of sadness and nothing else. 

It may be harmful to women who are depressed but don't appear depressed.

Some women may grin fake and pretend there is nothing wrong.

Many women pretend to smile on their faces when they are going through the worst of times.

Even though they are experiencing some traumatic experiences, and they are depressed and scared.

What are some ways to fight back the tears?

A good cry can be a helpful way to relieve stress in a situation or relive an emotional moment.

Nobody specifically learned how to stop crying emotional tears.

As strange as it sounds, two hours of sobbing can be an excellent way to reconfigure your body. 

If you're feeling stressed and crying, take your mind away from your worries and tears.

Learn to express your feelings clearly, stay calm and use words to hold back tears. 

Having something for scribbles or a stress ball can be helpful when you are in a situation that could trigger crying.  

Seeing up can also help reduce the flow of tears and put you back in the right mood. 

Blink and move your eyes; moving the eyes and blinking back can prevent your tears from falling out.

Tears can give you an idea of how you feel (be it stress, fear, happiness, or whatever).    

When you cry for emotional reasons, these tears contain stress hormones that help rid your body of stress chemicals. 




Why do some people smile through tears?

Crying makes sense in both sad and happy situations.

One theory about why people cry at a happy ending is,

Based on the idea that we subconsciously hold our emotions until they can be relatively safe to express. 

When people hold back tears, it prevents their bodies from clearing up their anxiety.

Crying and laughing provide the same physiological stress relief.

 And are often a defense mechanism when people feel uneasy with a situation or when they are depressed.    

Tears helps regulate extreme emotions like sadness, anger, and frustration. 

But when people cry for happiness, the same neurotransmitter makes them feel much happier. 

Tears of joy can be confusing, especially when you associate crying with unwanted emotions.

In a sense, these happy tears protect you by balancing extreme feelings that might affect your emotional health.

How can we hide our tears and not make it look like we are crying?

We don't understand why we cry when we are emotionally concerned.

But we know that the chemicals in emotional tears are different from ordinary tears.   

Emotional tears are unique to humans, and we begin crying when we are passionate - sad or happy.

When we cry, an emotional stimulus triggers a process in the brain,

And causes tears from the lacrimal glands just above our eyes.

By forcing yourself to smile, you trick your brain into believing that you are pleased.

Whenever possible, people prefer to cry in the presence of someone who is attached to them.

 Such as a mother or partner often try to hold back tears until they are in their presence.

Women often cry to express feelings of frustration or anger that they may not feel necessary to speak publicly,

So they react helplessly, and then the tears flow; crying is perfectly normal and healthy.

But many of us don't want to cry in front of other people.




Sometimes a false smile is not revealed to hide but to protect.    

Tears help you communicate with others because crying can help you gain comfort and support from others.

 Crying can help strengthen your sense of connection, which can improve your mood and overall well-being. 

Life Will Shake You! Never let It Break You!



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