Is Giving Up The Same As Moving On?

Is Giving Up The Same As Moving On?

"If you're in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere, it's time to move on.

If your relationship is causing you psychological or physical harm, it may be time to let go."

-Bibi Nasabi

Is Giving Up The Same As Moving On?

When women's reach a breaking point,

The decision to move on is the best option for their life, even if it means giving up the person and the relationship.

You can either stay and re-enter the relationship and expect it to change.

The easiest way to answer this question is to ask yourself.

Whether suffering will disappear over time if you continue along this path,

We all know what it means to carry on when a relationship ends.

 But sometimes, it means letting go completely.


Why is it difficult for women to move on and LET GO?

When it comes to relationships, it can be challenging to move on.

And letting go for good can be even more complicated.

You may still feel an emotional connection and hope for reconciliation.

But you recognize the need to do what you can to end things and continue with your life.

In a relationship, letting go means letting go of feelings you have for your ex.

Carrying on is the physical act of walking away from a relationship when it is over.

As you move on, you wonder if the relationship was worth the pain.

You find that the only way out is to move on.


When does move-on happen?

Moving on happens after the physical end of the relationship.

If you're both still in the relationship, you need to try to make it work.

The silver lining is that you can't decide whether to give up or move on at this moment;

The truth is that once you let go, once you forgive yourself and forgive the situation.

You realize that it is something you can't leave.

As soon as you accept this and continue with a new attitude that the pain is temporary.

And move on to a new action plan. You will arrive at your final result.

If you stop because you are unhappy with it and do not have time to practice the solution.

It would be best if you moved forward with a new plan.


How should you move forward?

To move forward, you need to create this new plan before it's too late to give up.

You need to take a step back and decide that this is the path you need to go down.

No matter how much we want everything to stay as it is, life changes.

When we are ready to let go of the life we have planned.

Life awaits us, and things change. We have to let go and move on.

Carrying on is a healthy way of moving forward and speeding up life.

Relationships are about mutual feelings, both in the body and in the heart.

Plan Today For A Better Tomorrow

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