How Women’s Inside Power Is Great?

How Women’s Inside Power Is Great?


"Every woman has the power inside them to change this world and make it a better place."

-Bibi Nasabi


How Women's Inside Power Is Great?

The most influential women trust their attitudes and actions,

Research has shown that they are also the most persistent.

Real power works to energize oneself and others from a place of stability and self-worth,

And not from fear or arrogance to claim authority over other people.

Women focus on one task and move on to the next.

Research has shown that influential women tend to manage their mistakes and failures,

And are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom;

 The powerful women are more prone to rude, selfish, and unethical behavior.



How are women seduced and abused by power?

Women allow themselves to be seduced and abused by power,

Blinded by their weaknesses. Force is not evil, and it is not inherently harmful to seek it.,

The paradox of power is that women acquire it through virtues such as cooperation, openness, fairness, and sharing.

As soon as they have a privileged position, those virtues begin to fade.

By keeping your distance, you gain the power to get people's attention without frustrated desire.

Women who earn and use power can have profound effects on those they meet.

Please pay attention to influential women because they have the power to bring about change.


"All women have a strong mind, and they have the power over their minds, nobody can stop them."

-Bibi Nasabi


How high power leads to inner motivation?

I believe that the Higher Power leads most women to inner peace and motivation.

Considering that something greater than ourselves can help us find peace.

It means moving from one universe to another,

In a way, that leads to finding that higher power that often is the missing link to long-term sobriety.

Because most women believe they can never understand their higher power,

They go on a journey to get closer to it.

Most women go through a spiritual process to connect with a higher power.

They experience a spiritual awakening and realize that such a connection exists.

As they grow to understand their higher power, the connection in their consciousness grows.




The prayers you do, make you feel the best about yourself and your relationship with your Higher Power.

Using your body as a temple that gives you a good feeling for yourself,

You are more accessible to a healthy relationship with others, including your higher power.

The ability to measure people is essential when it comes to acquiring and maintaining power.

In other words, looking inside people is a command of power that we know on an unconscious level.

When you step into a position of power as an outsider and try to claim it,

Learn to respect the way people live up to that point.

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