How Can We Women’s Be Our Own Worst Enemy?

How Can We Women’s Be Our Own Worst Enemy?

"You may be your own worst enemy if you don't do what you can."-Bibi Nasabi



How Can We Women's Be Our Own Worst Enemy?

If you do not take action and develop the skills and talents that will lead to your success,

You are your own worst enemy.

You can be the one who puts obstacles in the way of your growth.

You back because you don't go that extra mile.

And you will never experience the extra rewards that come along with it.

If you try and things don't go the way you planned, you don't fail.

Your life is your mirror.

Your life is your most beautiful language,

And YOUR most Excellent Self is Yours.

We are our enemy when we refuse to give, help and serve others.



Stop spending time with their own worst enemy!

Women's should stop spending time with their own worst enemy,

And start investing time to become their own best friend, best ally, and best self.

The way you can be your own worst enemy is if you identify with your negative thoughts.

Your own worst enemy means that you will continue to be content,

Or less than satisfied with choosing the right career, spouse, environment, or social environment.

You can be your own worst enemy if you allow unsupportive people to dictate what is best for you.

You alone can shape your life.



How can women shape their lives?

We are the ones who live with our own mistakes and failures.

Once we realize how to treat ourselves,

We can learn to combat self-rivaling behavior and be gentle.

The roots of self-sabotaging are deep.

And there are many ways to track down the enemy, stop beating yourself up.

In reality, the phrase "be your own worst enemy" is a way to be harsh with ourselves.

And not go overboard; as parents and wives,

We tend to be tougher on ourselves than others.

Depression and anxiety are the enemies that inhabit our mind,

Rob, our self-confidence makes us fearful of trying something new for fear that it will not work.

It does not give enough credit for our achievements;

These are due to a self-critical voice that destroys us when we start something.

It takes away our appreciation for what we do and makes us afraid to try something.




Don't be your worst enemy, and be a better friend to yourself.

Have confidence in yourself, and you'll gain the trust of others.

Everyone has the power to make themselves and others happy.

You have to be constructive in situations where you feel uncomfortable, and that takes practice.

The best way to start this practice is to accept,

That not everyone loves or likes what you hate about yourself.

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