How Can We Women Prevent An Abusive Partner?

How Can We Women Prevent An Abusive Partner?

"Some women keep quiet for a long time about their abusive partner, because they get  accustomed to being abused, And they blame it on their destiny."

-Bibi Nasabi

How can we women prevent an abusive partner?

Women can prevent an abusive partner by using experiential knowledge of their situation and context.

When a relationship is abusive, there is generally a consistent pattern of offensive words and bullying behavior,

That hurts a women's self-esteem and undermines her mental health.

Abused women often need help to get out of their situation,

Because abusive partner isolates them from their family and friends.

Even if women meet their abusive partner's nourishing and positive needs,

The abusive partner still misbehaves and inflicts significant emotional and physical pain.

An abusive partner's psychological and emotional abuse is more common in married relationships.

In domestic abuse, the abusive partner attempts to dominate or control his wife.

Domestic violence includes physical, emotional, as well as threats and abuse.



Why is domestic violence very harmful even if it's not physical abuse?

Domestic violence can be very dangerous to all women, even if it's not physical abuse.

If you see signs of emotional abuse or domestic violence, take them seriously.

Don't exacerbate your fears that you are responsible for the abuse in your relationship.

Women in abusive relationships should resist abuse by their partners.

An abusive partner uses economic deprivation to impose their will on you.

And also, use intimidating and harmful words and behavior to control you,

Their goal of emotional abuse is to destroy your sense of self-worth and independence.



How can you prevent an abusive partner's abuses?

We women can prevent the underlying causes of abuses in our lives.

All women should try to stop further abuses from happening to them.

We should disclose about our abusive partners.

An abusive partner should not be allowed to control your life and hurt your feelings,

 It would be best if you stopped him from disrespecting you.

Physical abuse, such as hitting and throwing things at you, can be painful,

But the use of emotional abuse like putting you down,

Trying to make you characterless leaves scars on your heart and mind.

Women are often forced to remain in an abusive relationship and cannot be free from violence.



Why do some women still accept an abusive partner?

Some women accept the abuse of their abusive partners,

Because they want to save their marriage for the sake of their children.

All women and their children need respect and a life free from violence.

Women who have lived up with abusive partners should speak up about their terrible life experiences,

And raise awareness of violence against women.

They keep quiet for a long time because they get  accustomed to being abused,

And they blame it on their destiny,

Usually, they accept their abusive relationship because they have nowhere else to go.




More women should be educated and trained,

On how to prevent and respond to abuses before it occurs.

Women who have lived up with their abusive partners should start speaking up.

All women and their children should be respected and have a  life free from abuse.

Your abusive partner creates fear and other forms of abuse to control you.

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