Do You Need Miracles? Do You Have The Courage?

Do You Need Miracles? Do You Have The Courage?

“I believe that true, brute courage is the simple, everyday, quiet and unconditional strength.

 To keep us moving despite the smallest and biggest fears we have.

I want all women to build their inner strength and to help them build courage and comfort those in need.”

-Bibi Nasabi

Do You Need Miracles? Do You Have The Courage?

Let's Make The World A Better Place! We all are part of the same family!

When we feel that every door has shut on us, we start hoping for some miracle.

We all want things to get right soon! We all want miracles to happen!

 Most of us don't like to wait long for things to change and improve our lives.

The most challenging place for us is in that waiting room, waiting for a miracle to happen.

But remember! That waiting room is where your character is building.

Your character is what will take you to the best place in your life!

How To Experience A Miracle?

Your miracle might not be early, but it will not be late. It will happen!

 To experience a miracle, you have to take a step of faith.

When life becomes impossible for you, God will show you the way!

God is a way-maker for us all! We cannot see him!

But behind the scene, he moves us to where we don’t imagine.

Why Do I Not See Any Miracles?

Sometimes miracles are delayed! It is for a purpose!

If miracles can happen to others, they can happen to you too!

You may not see any signs of miracles, but it’s happening behind the scene.

Your hope will get you where you could not go.

Sometimes things might not work your way. Maybe God has a better plan for you!

Take the courage to take your thoughts seriously; they will shape you for a better tomorrow.

Show the World Who You Are!

All women are strong and dare to get through difficult times.

Difficult times always make women better in the long run. 

With her courage, she dares to take the risk.

When a woman acts bravely, she is ready to face uncertainty, danger, and even pain.

In short, she meets her fears!

Have the courage to show up even if you can't control the outcome.

Why It's Hard Sometimes To Find Courage?

 Are you struggling with fear and want to feel bolder? Then act in front of your worries!

Courage is a feeling of fear not to get rid of fear but to work in front of fear.

We are not born with courage, but we are born with potential.

Women can choose courage or comfort, but we cannot have both.

Sometimes it's hard to find courage when we need it most.

You have more courage than you imagine.

Take the time to understand your fear why it exists.

You will discover a better idea of  overcoming it or being brave despite it.

When you speak, you show courage, and people will respect you for sharing your feelings!

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