Be Careful What You Tolerate

Be Careful What You Tolerate

“In This Brutal World, You May Feel That Everyone Is Out There To Harm You, And It Is Difficult To Trust Anybody!

Bad People Are Like Bad Weather, And They Are Always There!

If You Let Them Mistreat You, You Will Lose Your Respect!

We Need Kindness! Be Careful What You Tolerate!

Teach Others How to Treat YOU!”

_Bibi Nasabi

Be Careful What You Tolerate!

People that care about you will not allow you to feel like garbage and will try to fix things for you.

Be careful what you tolerate! You are teaching people how to treat you!   

So many of us allow others to trample all over our dignity and treat us without respect, kindness, or care.

Break your silence and create Awareness!

Don’t live a lie and run away from your problems!

Now finally, so many women have started speaking openly about their problems.

Our inner voice tells us it is time to take our masks off and tell everyone about our problems.

If you let others mistreat you, you will lose their respect!

And soon, you will lose your respect!

So please be careful what you tolerate!

What Should You Do To Make Your Life Better?

I would try to surround myself as much with people who are kinder than me.

Being surrounded by love rather than fear makes our life feel warmer and fuller.

Love yourself! When you love yourself enough, it is easier to tune out the people who are not good enough for you.

We can share the love with others through actions of kindness like smiling, saying a kind word, or an unexpected act.

When we extend these acts to others, we make people feel good.

And we spread hope; foster peace, and demonstrate the power of kindness

We can heal through self-development, reading books, and quotes online on forgiveness.

Dealing With Bad People Is Never Easy To Tolerate!

That is why you need to find ways of tuning out toxic relationships you cannot escape.

Sometimes, the toxic person is not worth the hassle, so do not feel bad for intentionally spending less time with them.

They will pull anyone they can from you to punish you or make you a wrong person.

You may not be able to change what they are doing, but you can change what you are doing about their hurtful behavior.

You know that you are in the presence of harmful, toxic people if they crap on top of you whenever you state anything.

So ignore negative people. They will want you to be everything or everybody else.

And nothing is ever good enough because they believe they are perfect when they are nowhere near that.

It Is Not Easy To Lead A Life Filled With Negativity!

Once you remove negativity from your life, you will be amazed at how much healthier and happier you can be.

Toxic people generate drama, and their behaviors will never go away.

It is up to you to look at this closely and decide whether you can put up with their behaviors throughout your life.

You should prioritize your well-being!

I have seen people put up with disrespect and abuse for years and years.

These people hope that the toxic person will change.

You have to become a tough cookie!

Once you become a tough cookie and have mastered removing negativity, life will stop giving you trouble.

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel!  Fear nothing! Live your life to the fullest!

Bad People Are Everywhere! How Should You Tolerate Them?

Emotional abusers will keep bullying and hurting you, expecting you to sit there and take it.

They will fight, accuse, ignore, manipulate, threaten, or physically harm you.

I firmly believe your instincts will tell you whether or not someone is toxic and unhealthy to be around.

How you think and treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.

People are always coming and going, constantly showing us what we are not supposed to be.

One day they are adorable; the next, you wonder what you did to make them sad.

Be Careful What You Tolerate!


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