A Mother’s Love for Her Children!

A Mother’s Love for Her Children!

" Nobody can take a mother's place!

  She is selfless! Your light in the dark! 

  And She understands her child even when he is silent."

  -Bibi Nasabi

A Mother’s Love for Her Children!

The whole world can turn from you, but your mother will not let you down.

Mother’s love has no strings attached!

Her bond with her kids is like nothing else in the world!

She sacrifices her sleep, dreams and loves her children more than herself.

Mom looks more or less like an ATM of love and helps when we are small.

She is your number one resource and your ally, and showing her love and respect is one of the best things!


Do Not  Underestimate The Power Of Maternal Love!

When you become a Mother, your former personality no longer exists,

And you are given a space to create something new.

Mothers have individual responsibility, which most people in the world cannot even imagine.

Becoming a mother for the first time can be one of the most exciting.

And frightening experiences at the same time.

With a new role, responsibilities, and a baby, a new mom may never be the same again.

The transition to motherhood is an experience that no woman is fully prepared for, both emotionally and mentally.

Trying to understand who you are, the new you, and also being a “mom” is a process of self-discovery.


A Loving Mother Can Work Wonders!

A loving mother can work wonders in creating a safe and secure environment for her children

The mother always has the lion's share of this responsibility.

No one knows better than a mother as soon as she gives a child.

Her child becomes her primary meaning in life.

Mothers are constantly doing the impossible because they have no time to think, doubt, or  complain.

A mother always thinks twice, once about herself and once about her child.

Some children growing up with verbal abuse from their fathers,

May gradually begin to look down on their mother as a parent,

As they are absorbing messages of abuse that she is immature.

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Motherhood is the hardest thing!

Your mother is your friend for life!

No bond in the world is as strong as a mother's with her child!

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