Why Some Countries Want Men to be Ahead in Their Family?

Why Some Countries Want Men to be Ahead in Their Family?

” Some people think that women are not strong. But they don’t know that we women have a burning desire to succeed. And NOTHING can stop us.”

-Bibi Nasabi

Why Some Countries Want Men to be Ahead in Their Family?

Women of all races, religions, and nationalities all over the world face inequality at many levels

Although many things can, of course, be done to improve the status of women in a different culture.

Most women point to difficulties, ranging from feeling vulnerable at home and outside.

When women talk to each other, they realize that they all face the same problems.

Indeed, many women worldwide have been fighting inequality.

And restrictive practices in education, labor participation, and family roles.

However, many repressive customs do not come from themselves but are part of local cultural traditions.

Men claim the weight of history, but women have suffered from toxic masculinity for centuries.

For some women, the expected role was frustrating and stifling.

The woman is limited in her ability to survive in the male world.

And they only have to focus  on their domestic responsibilities.

How can women survive in the men’s world?

Women, trying to survive in the Male world and become successful, face problems.

But they will not accept failure! It’s time for everyone to recognize that women work hard.

And they can rise above and live their lives!

Women are still fighting the battle in this crazy world of the beast.

They have a burning desire for success, and nothing will stop them from their success.

Their life is a challenge, but they ensure they are up the ladder and  keep themselves above n equal.

All women must learn to respond successfully to the nuances of our nature.

These were the scenarios that I had to deal with when I was in a male-dominated atmosphere.

No matter how hard women work, it seems that we cannot let more women come to power.

It’s time for everyone to recognize that women (similarly) work hard.

I know that the sustainable progress of each of us depends on the dignity and success of other women.

As women, we have the ability, desire, and potential to contribute more and make a real difference to the world.

Deep down, women know we deserve more and believe in ourselves too much to endure stagnation any longer.

I see millions of women in America wake up with the same awareness.


The Future should be a Skilled World and Not a Male World!

Our world is still a prerogative of men – even though it now better accepts us, women.

They are allowing us to be heard and seen more often.

The future will not be a male world. It will be a skilled world in which women have equal access.

Helping women improve their skills and adapt to the rapidly changing world of work will be a critical challenge of our time.

Women need to actively improve their skills to be vital to the industries and jobs.

The situation for women must change!

About 51% of women working among men felt the need to prove their competence.

Compared with 20% of men in the same situation.

We are dealing with criticism that the women in the Workplace report.

Found that four out of five women working in male-dominated environments experienced micro-aggression at work.


What does Gender Equality Mean?

The overall goal of gender equality is to create a society where men and women enjoy equal opportunities.

Gender equality means taking into account the interests, needs, and priorities of both women and men.

And recognizing the diversity of different groups of women and men.

Gender equality is not a women’s issue, but it must wholly concern and involve both men and women.

Ensuring women’s rights and empowering them to fulfill their full potential is critical.

Not only to achieve gender equality but also to achieve a wide range of international development goals.

Men and boys can be strong advocates for gender equality, helping to reduce and prevent violence against women.

Women and girls are keys to finding solutions to the most significant challenges we face today.

They must be heard, appreciated, and celebrated in society to reflect their views.

And choices regarding their future and the progress of humanity.


Why does our Society need Gender Equality?

Gender equality is not something that “men have provided,” but something society needs and which women rightly want.

The full and equal participation of women in all spheres of society is a fundamental human right.

Compared with men, women have fewer opportunities to participate in economic life on a global scale.

In some countries, women have fewer opportunities to receive primary education and higher education.

However, from politics to entertainment and work, women and girls are seriously underrepresented all over the world.

The legal right to equal pay for equal work has not narrowed the gender wage gap in the workplace.

And women’s salaries globally are much lower than men’s in terms of wages and cash rewards.


It is easy to assume that male dominance is a natural state of human society.

Men have claimed that women are inferior to them in a patriarchal society and system for centuries.

But now you can see how some innovative, successful, and seemingly assertive women prevent men from humiliating them and controlling their every move.



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